Trouble Playing on Xbox S

I just got the Xbox S and I am having problems with this Resume Game feature which SUCKS. I collected my tribune and shut down yesterday around 10 PM. When I launched to signed in this morning, I was not able to sign in. Instead, it took me right to the game where I left when I shut down last night. I tried everything and finally I had to get Xbox support. There is no option to disable the Resume Game feature. According to Xbox this feature is part of this game. It seems every time you leave the game even just after say an hour or so you have to do a hard reset every time which is RIDICLIUS! Is anyone else having this problem, and is there way around this? Thanks.

I’m not quite sure what the old start button was? I think I do, but it has been a long time. There are so many buttons now it is hard to remember what buttons used to be? Thanks,

Some psychopaths call it “the Hamburger button”

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I thought that was the button I wasn’t sure, thanks. It is screwing with my Forza Horizon 4 big time. You would think Xbox would have pointed this feature out with the console but no. The person I talked with at Xbox did not know anything about resume play. I may just stay on my X. He told me it was a Gems of War feature which I know now is not true… Again thanks.

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