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XBox Crashing Issue (Please write to our support!)

Hello team, we are still hunting down this issue. We are having trouble reproducing this bug, and have been trying for somen time. Each report has different information, so we would love your help with narrowing down the problem.

Please contact our support and submit your ticket as a technical issue. We want to have a more in depth conversation with those affected so we can resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Saltypatra
I did It, almost a month ago, no answer so far. In my case it’s pretty simple, since last update game crashes at any moment, battles, menus, chat… I can’t play 5 minutes without game crashing, it’s the only game crashing on Xbox Series X for me so far(I tried on Xbox One X with my profile, same thing, with another profile the game didn’t crashed).

What is the expected time to hear back from support? After all, you asked for more detailed information. No idea how much more detail I can supply than has been documented in my related thread.

I am only adding additional crash information to that thread. As such, it has been a while since I posted there. Rest assured the crashes are still happening multiple times a day.

It will be some time. Our ticket priorities are still account recoveries and purchase issues. We are using the tickets submitted to track trends. We will reply as soon as we can.