Only problems on the xbox1 no fun

As of a few days i cannot play the game , the game says retry in 5 minutes unable to access the server , problem is also that the daily reward has been reset and no income is given , so for the 4th day in succession i have to start over with the daily reward.
DEVs can you fix this , its very annoying , no fun playing this way.
This problem is on the XBOX1

The constant connection issues recently have killed my desire to play the game. It was incredibly stupid to time a double gold event when the connection issues make the game barely playable.

Same here. Not sure if you noticed when you were able to get on, but I haven’t been on much the past week. Along with being under the weather, I’ve been seeing the error messages quite a bit as well. (frustrating) I’m hoping it just due to the upgrade work being performed and do hope they get it sorted soon.

Still a bit under the weather, but plan to try getting on more this week. If anything at least an hour or so each evening.


Its ok Dave keeping a low profile for a little time until they sort this out on the xbox , it is very annoying and frustrating … so staring on the pc now

lol i mean starting !!!

I apologize for the trouble you’re all having with connecting to Gems of War. We are aware of the issue, but because it stems from connectivity problems at the company that hosts the game’s backend data, there’s not much our developers can do to fix things. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners are hit especially hard, due to the ongoing Xbox Live outages, which may also account for the problems some of you are having.

I realize an explanation is little comfort to those of you staring at error messages, but for now, we ask that you be patient. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Appreciate the response & update, sir. Though it can be an annoyance at times, I still prefer to enjoy GoW on XB1. If for nothing else, I spend most of my days on the computer at work doing GIS and other stuff, or whenever not drafting up scope work for contractors. :slight_smile: So yep, no problem with being patient for me. Look forward to the upcoming update.

And yep, it’s not just with GoW that we’ve seen issues. So I kind of figured XB1 itself was having it’s own issues.

No worries, we’ll still be here when you get back. :slight_smile: