My X box live account will not play gems of war

My wife and I both have an X box live gold account on the same box, when she loads up gow it just sits at the load screen. But when I sign in with my account it works fine. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, we need more advanced help.

Are you both in the same guild?

No. I’m not in a guild on my account. My wife is in a guild and her account won’t even load the game.

Is it similar to this issue? You might need to submit a ticket to support. Are you able to check with other people in your wife’s guild? Are they able to login?

Hey @Charlie3440,

Do you know what guild your wife is in or her Name Code?

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Yes, that’s the same issue we are having. I have issued a ticket to support, but of course it is Sunday. And I have no way to contact others in the guild.

Actually it’s Monday in Aus where the devs are located :wink: @GoldPhoenix0 is a dev in fact.

Dark heaven is the guild

@Charlie3440 - Could you check if you can log in now?

HI @GoldPhoenix0 since you guys are in the office, is it possible to get some details about what happened today? Are we going to get another reset and what happened to the reward we were suppose to get?

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Looks like it is working now

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