Daily Tasks - when do they change?

Does anyone know when daily tasks refresh?

I’m on an xbone, and some days they take until afternoon, some days they don’t refresh at all.

Is this a Gems of War issue, Xbox one, or my connectivity???

You must quit restart game to refresh tasks after new day which is 3 am EDT I think.

Does just turning off the Xbox do that, or is there another way of shutting off the game?

not sure is it Xbox but thats what i found:

Oh! I had no idea, thanks :slight_smile:

Most likely no, I believe “instant resume” is on by default on the X1. To “Quit” something you can always hit the Home button (renamed x360 Guide), Menu button (renamed x360 Start button), then chose Quit.

After all time playing I never knew that was hidden in the settings menu, Thanks!

EDIT: one more thing in the US we just started DST, so from our perspective they just “moved” the typical reset time later 1 hour.


Restarting the game as mentioned above is especially important when the new event starts to make sure the new troops show up and the event starts for you.

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