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Daily task "refresh / Change" (consoles)

The game desperately needs the ability to cycle the daily task once every “X” amount of hours. For a perfect example of this please see LOTR Shadow of War that allows you to "refresh / recycle any daily quest to a new “task” (and then you have an 8 hour timer before you can do so again in the event you don’t want to finish the new task).

I keep getting the “Train a troop to level 16” daily task. I do NOT have any troops that I can train 99.9% of the time and in the rare chance that I do get a troop I can ascend and than train it above level 16 so it doesn’t register it as “finished” anyways. This is the worst daily task in the entire list of possible tasks IMO. A refresh / change task would at least allow us not to have to “miss” a daily task a few times a month


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Just so you know…

Tasks are so down at the bottom of the dev priority list that this wont ever happen. They don’t even play console, so some of them might not even be aware that tasks exist!

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You may be right about the devs priorities, saying that, i think that @Calv1n idea is good, i also play on console and sometimes the daily task makes you get stuck.
Its nothing urgent, but maybe they may take a look at it in the future, also would be cool to have new type of tasks, in my personal experience, it makes me want to finish them every day.

Besides this one single Task you mentioned, there are quite a few ultra poorly though out tasks in the 200+ player level Task Pool. Unfortunately the developers can not change them on a whim due to the involvement of rewards, they need publisher approval (as was the case previously).

Coding an entity new refresh mechanic (that will cost real money/time) is not needed. They just need to remove the stupid ones from the 200+ table, and add a few appropriate ones in.

This post was way different than what i thought it was going to be. I was expecting it to be about wanting tasks to automatically reset themselves when the game changes over to the next day instead of having to do a hard reset to force the change. When i started and knew zilch about what i was doing i missed out on many a task because i just didn’t know i had to do a hard reset, so a day or two would go by and i’d be wondering if i’d ever get new tasks. I’d love for them to fix that issue. As for the real topic, i definitely like the idea. High level players shouldn’t have to miss out on even that first task just because we have our troops all leveled for max kingdom bonuses. Even if the reward is souls, they’re still useful. I’m working towards dawnbringer and missing quite a few mythics. I’d love to not dip onto my db stash to level them. Unfortunately, uk is right, it’s not a priority. But they’re supposedly working on a complete overhaul of the current task system, so maybe if enough people are vocal about wanting this type of change they can incorporate into the revised system if/when it happens. I may be old and grey by then. I guess we’ll see.

@VenusBlue how do you do a “hard reset” on the daily tasks? I don’t want the level a troop up to level 16 stuck on my game again tomorrow if I can change it somehow?

VenusBlue is referring to new daily tasks. The developers never bothered to code for instant resume (regarding tasks) that both consoles have. You will never get the next days tasks until you force quit the game or reboot the console. You are both referring to different things.

Yep i meant getting the next day’s tasks once mine are completed. But if you don’t do the first task it changes the next day. It still sucks that some people have no choice but to skip that task because they can’t do it, whether because they have all troops leveled, or are brand new and don’t have the means, or mythic, i’ve gotten train to level 20 once or twice. I’ve gotten in the habit of unplugging my console and plugging it back in every morning before i start. But some nights i’m on well past 2 a.m. and just don’t feel like it even though i know i’ll be on for a bit and can start my tasks. Sorry if i was confusing originally :slight_smile:

Whoo!!! That’s over-the-top.

Just press the ‘Home Button’, select the game and use the ‘Menu Button’ to quit Gems of War.

Part of the reason i do it is because i listen to pandora while playing and if i don’t restart at least once a day it freezes up and i’m stuck with iheart radio. And that i cannot deal with, idk what about my metal and alternative favorites gives them the idea i might like rap and crap pop, but they are sadly mistaken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You don’t even have to do that. Just press Start and go over to the account tab, then relog your account.
This will bring you back to the main screen without the need to force-quit the whole game.