Pay Gold to refresh a personal task!

I am but a lowly console player; I do not know if this is already an available feature for the superior PC players, so please forgive me if such a thing already exists.

By “personal tasks”, I am referring to the 4 tasks listed on the top-left corner of the world map; the first one typically changes at a specific time every day.

However, I am now at a point where I am able to complete less of these tasks. For instance, I can no longer “train a troop to level 10” because all of my troops are already at level 10 or higher! It would also be very difficult for me to pull a brand-new troop at this point. It’s a little sad that I will have to wait the 24 hours for this first task to refresh just because I ran out of troops to train. Winning 3 defenses can be a little annoying when you are not getting attacked, either. Increasing a Kingdom’s level will soon be impossible for me to fulfill as well, at least until the update arrives for us console players.

Even if it were to cost 10,000 gold to change a task, I am sure I would not mind paying. It would just be nice if the feature were available to people who are completely unable to fulfill a task and they have no choice but to wait it out.

Good to see you know your place on the gaming ladder.


lol. I can only hope that we’ll catch up to you guys, one day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not even aware of personal tasks existing on PC.

… cause they dont. Never did. But from what I read on the forums, they appear to be bugged anyway, so meh.

I think having fun daily tasks that have best rewards is a great idea. I have played lots of games with those in, and enjoy them.

He stated for the console. @Nex could you pass this along?

Nex is helping the devs with customers on fourums for consoles

@Nimhain any chance we pc player could get daily task type thing?

We have discusses adding this in the future. No idea when though.

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The Daily Tasks make me log on everyday on Console, i just happen to log on Android in work too, but for different (avoiding work) reasons.

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