Train a troop to level 18 task


So I got this task this morning but all troops are 18 or above except the 6 guild wars troops and 3 recent releases that haven’t ascended that high yet. Completed the task by leveling a hero class but wondering if this task sticks around like the ‘increase a kingdoms level’ one used to (not seen that one in a while so assume they fixed it)


That task should only be a “slot 1” task, so if you don’t complete it, it will change the next day regardless if you completed it or not.


Even though uncompletable tasks like this only last a day, it’s still very frustrating when they show up. They should remove these tasks from the game for the sake of those who cannot complete them.


The reward for that task is 1200 souls. If you don’t have any troops left below level 18, you don’t exactly need the souls any more, so it isn’t a big deal.


@efh313 taps @stan on the shoulder and points in the direction of the GIANT SoulForge…




Drop in the bucket man. It isn’t worth getting worked up about is all I was sayin’.


True… I was only joking anyway…

BUT, then again, as a PC/Mobile only player, I am envious of the Task system that console players get, those are literally another source of free resources for just playing the game, that PC/Mobile does not have access to.


I can check for tribute every hour just by pulling out my phone. It’s a lot harder to carry around an XBOne + TV! I think it evens out, except for PC-only players


It would be awesome to carry a Xbone and 65" tv around everywhere tho lol!


Yeah, especially after the gem nerf, frequent tribute collection is a major potential source of resources, but I can only manage, at best, 2 or 3 collections most weekdays and often only 1. If I can clear a few daily tasks, it usually helps to pick up a few of the gems, but if I was on mobile, I’d be picking up 8 or 10 tributes a day easily. No comparison.