New player with questions

So, just started playing about 8 days ago. Something I noticed recently is that sometimes Tasks will appear that have lofty goals, like “get a character to lvl 15.” I will be working on it, getting a card to say lvl 11 and have to log off. Then when I come back it mysteriously disappears and usually has another task like “get a character to lvl 10.”

Also, how do you get the 18th kingdom?

Sounds like you’re playing on XBox or PlayStation. You should submit a support ticket to 505Games as they handle the support for the consoles. As for the 18th kingdom, it may not be available on consoles yet as they are running an update behind the PC/mobile version.

This is actually not a bug. On the console versions the first task is reset every day (at the same time you get the daily bonuses, 16:00 GMT, at least it happens for me at that hour). The other 3 tasks are not resetting so you actually have to do them to get new ones.

BTW, the “level a troop to 15” is the one I am always waiting for - just prepare a troop and level it to 14 and wait for the task. The reward is 1500 souls, so sometimes it is enough to level something else to 15… and if you’re lucky and get that 3 times in a row, well :slight_smile: