Daily Tasks Adjustment

Troops that can’t be found in chests shouldn’t be made Daily Tasks. Any new players would have to wait 3 months to be able to finish this task. That’s not right.

The system knows I have all my troops max level and max traited. So it no longer gives me “level up” or “trait troop” tasks. But it does hit me with the Khetar “Reward” of 100 souls.

  • No one wants souls, gold, glory, or maps as “rewards” for daily tasks.
    (New players may enjoy them, but they already have tutorial tasks that give them. And they need gems to get the best armor.)

Please just make all the tasks Reward either keys or gems. Daily Tasks probably haven’t been messed with since they were introduced.


Today I swapped a “Use 5 treasure maps” and I got the Khetar task lol.


I think tasks are only given out if they are able to be completed. For instance, the “forge a trait” one doesn’t show up unless you have troops you can actually still get traits for - I remember because those didn’t show up for me until delves appeared and I suddenly had “troops” (goddamn stupid treasure nonsense) that I didn’t have traits on. And it was verified for me then by at least one or two people here.

Sooo I don’t think new players will get three doom tasks, though I could be wrong.


Good luck. I gave up trying to improve the Daily tasks with dozens of useful suggestions over three years ago.

I think they keep garbage in them as a ‘null’ reward. Plus they quadruple (4 updates) nerfed them before putting them on PC.

I do agree that ‘Dooms’ need an exception like ‘boss’ troops. But there might already be a troop check to verify you have 3.

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I’ve been playing for about 2 months now and haven’t received a Daily Task I couldn’t complete, so @Shimrra is probably correct.

Gems and keys for rewards would perfectly fine with me since you can get souls and the rest in chests with the keys.


May I ask what level you are?
Simply because until level 150 you have mainly Tutorial Tasks.
Also, time can’t be a sole indication.
Next week is the 6th ToD and yesterday was the first time I’ve ever had this task despite having 3 unique dooms for almost 3 months prior to it.

Level 338

I included how long I have been playing as I consider myself a new player still. This forum has help me tremendously.

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Today I received a Daily task I could not complete, win 5 battles with troops from the dark pits. I don’t have any troops from that faction. I was able to get a new task though.

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Just seen in Global, thought it was relevant (and perhaps very similar to the post above this):

Hmm, at that level they would have only tutorial tasks still. I’d want a SS that says they have the daily task.
Dark pits is definitely not a tutorial task.

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Yeah. Figured it would be kind of hard to get them to send a screenshot, though, and they seem to have since disappeared :stuck_out_tongue:.

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I don’t think the first task is a tutorial.

That wouldn’t be a first task.
But yeah as far as I remember. They all are until a certain point.

Or this - today :pensive:

These are all I have to upgrade

I re-rolled a souls reward task for this :joy:

That’s weird that you got that task if all troops are leveled as far as they can. Do you have a class not at level 20 perhaps?

Edit: Just noticed your gold ring can be leveled up. Maybe that’s why.

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I would not want to waste these cards levelling them for no reason as they are not really troop cards - they are “hoard” levelling cards.
I believe that levelling them makes no difference to their treasure value.

Right, but you’ve already leveled them before—you just need to get gold ring to 17 instead of 16, because it’s Ultra-Rare.

You would have to ascend to get this particular daily task, which l understand not wanting to do.

But if you level that card you might not get that task again later, is I think what @Fleg was saying.

Edit: the amount of near-synonymous terms in this game is great in that it reveals the strategic complexity to be found here, but it really makes communicating through text difficult, because there ends up being a lot pf talking past, rather than to, people. It’s one of my biggest frustrations being a GM, that new players who join up with us don’t always know the key words and their distinctions—“level”, “ascend”, “hoard quality”, “hoard level”…

I do appreciate, in a slightly unrelated note, that the ascension tab now tells you how many “extra” you need to ascend, to hopefully solve the many threads saying “I have 5 copies, why can’t I make my card better?” This tells me the devs are, at the bery least, trying to make things a little clearer, here and there.

Ok, I see your point.
I think I levelled them by accident at the start of delves.
They should really just take Delve treasure cards out of the equation imo :grinning:

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They really should!

I actually got so fed up with them being in my “upgradeable” tab that l just bit the bullet and ascended, leveled, and traited.

Less stress moving forward XD

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I could do that. But I won’t, because that’s daft. Just because the devs are going to irritate us with this stupidity doesn’t mean I’ll oblige them by also acting stupid. DEVS: THEY’RE NOT TROOPS. Goddammit.

Also, mysteriously, I haven’t been getting the “upgrade a troop” task … maybe it only recognizes it because the Gold Ring was leveled? Then again that didn’t stop the “forge a trait” task appearing, what do I know …