Damn, got the dreaded second "Level a Kingdom" Task

Wild Plains…


Console problems. PC/Mobile is safe, for now.

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Yup, definitely a bummer but no big deal. We could have NO Daily Tasks like you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I get a “daily task” every hour. :wink:

22 kingdoms at 20% tribute.


Nice work dude.

Consoles are only a month into Ascension and Kingdom Power. I got over half my Troops (gotta have them all, Pokemaster checking in) to Mythic and 2 Kingdoms to 3* so far. The double Tribute chance is very noticeable.


I think one day (before last patch) I cycled through level troop to 15 5 or 6 times, at 1500 souls per shot.

I begin my 5th week with tasks 2 and 4 stuck with lvl kingdom…

Wish we could reroll once every 24 hours or something… for godsake i keep getting “win 5 revenges” while im never invaded… :confused: And if i am i can only do 3 revenges…