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Console Task System Update

It’s not here yet, but I promised to post a longer & more detailed post concerning the upcoming tasks system changes before they went live. This is that post!

There are 4 tasks available every day. I’ll refer to the four slots as “A” through “D.”

“A” is your DAILY TASK - you get one of these each day when the server rolls over the date. If you finish it you get the listed rewards. If you don’t finish it - it’s gone! There are more than 50 of these tasks broken up into level-appropriate tiers, so they should be challenging but not back-breaking. Occasionally these tasks will include something which very advanced players will find impossible - such as “level up a kingdom” or “train a troop.” Since these tasks change at the start of each day, this should be an infrequent event.

“B”, “C”, “D” are initially your QUEST TASKS. Each is a specific linear path of tasks that is meant to guide your progress through the game. Each time you finish a task the next task in that sequence appears. “B” is generally troop-related tasks, and will ask you to open chests, train troops, or use certain army configurations successfully. “C” is mostly about player levels & arena matches. “D” is focused on guilds, trophies, and mana mastery tasks.

Quest Tasks eventually end, and are then replaced with REPEATING TASKS. These are meant to be challenging requests which will take most players several days to finish. These tasks are NOT replaced with new tasks when completed - empty task slots are filled the next day. (When the daily task is reset.) Power players can challenge themselves to finish all 3 repeating tasks (as well as their daily task) each day… good luck with that!

Repeating tasks always reward either 5 or 10 gems upon completion - depending upon the difficulty of the task. Many of the repeating tasks ask players to win 10 or 20 battles using a specific army type such as “4 unique troops from the same kingdom”, “3 unique Human troops”, “3 utique troops form the Pridelands”, “3 unique troops who all use purple mana.” and so forth. There are more than 20 combinations of such requests - more than the number of banners available. So you can’t simply keep a few teams in reserve for these tasks - you’ll need to build a team each time to take on the challenge!

These changes are meant to improve the task system in several ways:

  1. Give new players a longer guided experience. Our old tasks used to end around player level 50. The new Quest tasks should last until about player level 150!
  2. Increase the number of repeating tasks, so high-level players don’t see the same things over and over.
  3. Make repeating tasks more challenging (on average - some are still easier than others), increase their rewards, and allow a maximum of 3 to be completed each day.
  4. Eliminate the “stuck slot” problem high-level players experienced.
  5. Put more emphasis on interesting army-building composition challenges.
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wow task will be completely worthless 5-10 gems for 10-20 battles that will no doubt slow me down immensely? when I could instead just use my normal team and throw all that extra gold into my guild and get more gems?

thanks for ruining tasks which were my main to stay on ps4 instead of switching the pc/mobile…

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Does this mean tasks that reward Glory (“Use 4 Treasure Maps”, “Win 50 Battles”) or Keys (“Use 10 Glory Keys”) are being done away with, moved to the Daily task, or just have their reward changed so that Gems are the only rewards for slots 2-4?

Just checking (and the tasks in “” were just meant as examples that give that reward and not meant to refer to those tasks specifically.)

And yes, thank you for moving “Level a Kingdom” to the Daily Task as so it won’t clog up the rest for weeks.

Repeating Tasks all give gems as a reward. Other task types still give various rewards - with the values tweaked to better reflect the difficulty of that task.

This means that players who finish all the Quest Tasks (around level 150) will be getting gems ONLY from most of their tasks. Daily tasks give a variety of rewards depending on type.

Alright. Thank you for the update. It’s always good to know what’s coming up on the horizon.

I believe a challenge has been thrown down,

“Power players can challenge themselves to finish all 3 repeating tasks (as well as their daily task) each day… good luck with that!”

I accept!

Time to load up the xbox and throw the game over to my pc.