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Resetting my game on Xbox?

My husband has been playing this game longer than I have. He says he made a lot of mistakes when he started playing the game. Now he wants to reset it. We have it on the xbox1. So how does he go about resetting his game? He wants to be able to do it all over again. He knows he will lose everything he has opened up, and that doesn’t bother him.

Please elaborate on what he thinks is an example or two of a “mistake”.

One can make a few bad choices sure but is not worthwhile to start again. This game is a marathon not a sprint, and he has a few miles in. To continue the analogy, put a Band-aid on the blister and keep moving forward.


I agree with strat. I made alot of mistakes as well early on. Leveling useless troops, spending gems on stuff I shouldnt. The worst was playing guildless up to level 200. No need to reset. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

My guess is he want to get better win % in pvp, this is the only mistake i can see

I moved this thread to Xbox support, to help staff notice it.

@Keeninbeansidhe have you tried raising a ticket?

Maybe, but still not worth starting over.

Yeah i know but i can’t see anything else irreversible

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He doesn’t play that much in PVP. We both just like playing the game. Neither one of us do much in any PVP part of any game.

He traded off cards that he should have kept, he didn’t really look at Ascending them. Now he has been playing for the past 4 months and hasn’t gotten enough of the cards to take what he does have to the next level. He has completed the whole map on his own. There are no new areas for him to explore. So he wants to go back and correct the way he handles the Ascension, and redo the way he does mana choices.

Don’t really think the poster has enough knowledge to be certain what they are asking for. I almost view this as a gameplay question.

One more fun analogy for kicks.
If a person walks into a hospital asking how amputate their hand off because they spilt some hot coffee on it and burned it. I would hope the hospital goes the education route rather than fulfilling the hand removal request.

Yes, he does have a ticket. But he is wanting to know if there is a way to redo this, without waiting for developer to reset it for him.


Ok. Don’t do it please cancel the request on his behalf. His “mistakes” are minor and very common.

There are LOTS options. I’ll start, but the community is very helpful and will definitely add to them.

  1. Get is an active Guild ASAP. This will give him tons and tons of resources every week.
  2. Do the daily tasks in Explore that he wants Traitstones for (link to be provided)
  3. Get to rank 1 in PvP every week.
  4. Stat using Soul Generator team.
  5. Watch Gems of War Guides from the link below

Again, I agree with strat. Starting over will not get him the cards that he sold off back any quicker than moving forward from where he is now. As a matter of fact. It will make it slower. If he has all kindoms, start leveling them up. It will give him more resources. With more resources, he will be able to get more cards. Startin over just don’t seem to be a viable option IMO.

What level is he, out of curiousity.

Ok so i agree with @strat, start over won’t help you as much then find a active guild

Also you should try to do a minimum of pvp every day since this is the best way to get gold quickly and with this gold you can buy lots of cards and ascend them quicker then if you only make arena and story mode

The only thing that starting over really gets you is playing the story quests through again. Not sure that’s worth throwing away what’s collected so far…

Gems of War “PvP” is not real PvP at all. You still play against the AI just like in Quest, Explore, and Arena. You just face teams other players created (instead of the devs). That it, give it a try!

Thank you. I will let him know what you said about his kingdoms. I know I am taking my time and doing a lot of things he didn’t do. But then he is helping me correct some of the mistakes he made.

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Thank You. I will let him know that and start doing that myself. I think I have only played about 8 PVP games in a months time. And I have only really played 2 area story modes so far. Just started doing the explore myself.


Thank you. I asked him what level he is, he said he can’t remember right now. He is playing another game on the xbox1 while I am in my office working. LOL, this is what I love about working from home, I can work and check out the forums on the games I play. LOL


No Strat, he really wants to start this over. But now that I have told him what the information I am getting from the forum, he may end up changing his mind.