Quit button position

Is anyone else bothered by the quit button being located in the options menu?

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Wasn’t it there in the previous version of the UI?
It seems a bit harder to get to. But I think the devs just want to save you from being a quiter.

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lol this game has a quit button? I’m just pressing the red x on the top of the window all the time xD

it should be on the main menu…
you would need to select kingdoms in a specific order that will prompt a window with a kill code for the program

Anything else is just bad -.-

Of course the order of kingdoms would change every week with the pvp reset. Nothing else would make sense.

It would be nice to have the quit button easier to reach in a pinch since there are times when I really need to log off quickly, like when I play a few games waiting on my sister to get ready for a trip, who then later on starts yelling at me cause we are late for leaving on a trip and I have to log off in a hurry.