Quit on Android removed

Why was Quit button removed from Android version of the game?


It’s definately not where it was before the update.

And I can 't find it anywhere else…

I’m confused. It’s exactly where it always was for me. I press the Back key on my tablet and a green popup appears with only two options - one of which is Quit.

Prior to the 4.7 patch, the Android client had a large green QUIT button on the General tab of the settings menu, next to your account name and just below the volume sliders. The fastest way to quit was to simply tap the Settings button and then tap QUIT. Many of us on phone devices do not have a static back button, we have to swipe to get virtual buttons to appear, and on a phone they show up on the map, often right on top of a kingdom icon, so it can take multiple taps to hit the back just right.

The Windows client did not change in this regard, the QUIT button is still there.

So am I. :confused:
It used to be on the bottom of the first tab of the settings menu (the little gear icon) on my Android phone, but it’s not there anymore. :confounded:

this should be changed to a bug report because the 4.7 patch notes make no mention of this UI change.

Maybe someone with the powers can help up with that?

please please please give us our button back :smiley:

I’ve changed the category for you.


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Sorry folks this is actually feedback and intended. Happy to take your feedback to the team but I will not be responding to anyone who swears, and those posts have and will be deleted.

The Quit button was causing crashes on Android.

You can quit now by using the back button on your device or using the square button on your device or swiping up to show your open apps then either swiping Gems of War off the screen or tapping the X button to close it. It’s the same amount of clicks to quit the game now as it was before.

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It’s the swiping that’s the problem. Modern Android phones do not have a back button, you have to swipe to get a virtual back arrow to appear, and the problem with the GoW client is that it insists on using the control border for map space, so the virtual back arrow often appears on top of something else touchable. This is not sound Android UI design. The Unity engine comes with stock code for including a QUIT button, so if any devs are claiming its use causes Android crashes, you’re doing something else wrong.

My studio, Fifth Grade Developers, would be happy to fix this for you.


All in all this is a similar largish problem on other devices too and GoW does not address it well.

On iOS, swiping up from the bottom summons Control Center. So apps are generally advised to avoid relying on that action. Or I suppose there’s probably a way to indicate you want to suppress Control Center if you’re special and think you should take away an OS feature. But GoW’s playfield goes all the way to the bottom, so if I forget to ONLY swipe from 2nd-to-last row down, I always end up pausing the game and getting disrupted by summoning Control Center if I try to move from bottom row up.

Similar problems don’t exist at the top edge because in general GoW doesn’t put UI there. I’m not sure how GoW interacts with the changes re: the iPhone X models because I haven’t quite made that upgrade yet but I’m sure it’s poor. There are a lot of hard-to-reach elements on phones that I think only exist because it’s easy to hit them with a mouse or console controller.

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It feels to me that now it takes more time to close the game then before, and it’s clunky. Not to mention the habit of going to settings and then remembering that the quit button was removed. I have been using GoW on Android for years now and not one time did I have a problem or crash when using the quit button. It’s very weird, and I am inclined to think captain_video was right when he said that it’s probably something else that causes the crashes. But it’s easier to just take away the good thing for all players than actually investigate what is causing problems. You feel a pain in your arm? Why yes, let’s cut it immediately, no sense in wasting time trying to see what is causing the pain, no?


I feel like what happened here is a form of “developer money laundering” that’s hard to understand from the outside.

Suppose the devs are judged by numbers. A really common set of metrics to try and judge a project is to count the number of bugs fixed and bugs filed. New bugs go against a metric called “defect rate”. The more bugs you fix and the lower your defect rate the better a project’s doing.

“Android crashes when you quit” was probably a severe bug. It probably can be fixed but would require a lot of work. There probably wasn’t enough time for that work because the current schedule asks the devs to consistently do 6 months of work every 4 months. But the dev figured out this Android-specific bug has an Android-specific way out via the OS back button.

Bug fixed. The good number went up.

Now, I think the devs intend to fix this, but there’s the fun part. The dev probably filed a new issue against 4.next to fix the thing that was actually causing the crash when you quit. But it was filed as an improvement, not a bug, so it doesn’t affect the defect rate for 4.7.
And since it exists early in 4.next, it can be scheduled and the correct amount of time can be spent on it.

That’s the “money laundering” part. The “bug” gets magically turned into a “QoL improvement” because that makes the numbers look better. When your manager thinks staring at a Jira dashboard can tell him about the project status, you learn a lot of ways to make that dashboard look good no matter what. It’s kind of like a video game!

Now, I don’t know for sure that’s what happened here, but it seems to fit the pattern. I bet this is addressed in the next update.


My money is on the theory that removing the QUIT button wasn’t even intentional, it’s just a typo in the code somewhere that is causing an Android-specific effect. Of course if that was the case, the devs would never ever admit it as such. :slight_smile: