Some feature requests

  1. A timer (perhaps on the main map? or at the least, an out-of-the-way button that can be clicked) that counts down the end of “week” (as regards to guild tasks).

  2. There is no option demote yourself as a a guild leader. Long story short; was guild leader, got tired of it, couldn’t promote someone else to be guild leader. I just left the guild.

  3. A “Kingdom” button just like the “Troops” button on the main map, that sorts your kingdoms by power level. Heck, I’d even go with an added filter under “Troops” that lets you sort the kingdoms.

That’s it for now, and thanks.

edit: April 6

  1. For Troop filtering: You’ve got Card Name (A-Z) and Card Name (Z-A); would be nice to have the same [ascending / descending] for others as well (especially Level; i’m scrolling down ALLLLL the way just to hit the level 1’s) <_<
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You need to demote yourself then you will be able to promote whoever you want

Ah, I was too hasty then. Thanks.

I would love to see a timer on the mains screen somewhere, but you can always find one in the shop everything resets when that countdown endsimage

I like the idea of the kingdom button too!

I think the thing I would like implemented the most would be the ability to organize your teams. They should do that before doing anything else in my opinion :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s what i’m looking for. Thanks for the help!