World event Rainbow's End description is mismatched with points

I think everyone agrees world event scoring should be in game and not just the forums. No reason to debate that.

The question is, does the event description tell you which fights are better? This week’s event doesn’t match the scoring, so the description also isn’t reliable.


According to this, I will get light (and thus points), the more divine creatures I kill. Here are the list of fights, their rarities, lights they give, and number of divine creatures they have:

-sacred guardian (ultra rare) (4 lights) (4 divine)
-valor (epic) (6 lights) (1 divine)
-mercy (epic) (6 lights) (4 divine)
-holy st astra (legendary) (12 lights) (1 divine)
-qilin (legendary) (12 lights) (2 divine)
-ishtara (mythic) (18 lights) (1 divine)

So, the number of divine creatures in a fight isn’t relevant. If it were, the two epic fights would give different scoring for example, since even though the rarity is the same, the mercy fight provides much more divine creatures.


I don’t think it was meant to be taken literally. However, it does go to show how the description in game is almost purely for lore and offers little, if any, tips on how the event works.


My advise was this for this event for my guild “go for rarity, stick to one kind of the battles”
They don’t need to care about scoring,

I also keep it high level when passing along the info to my guild, just a few lines in guild chat.

I say what the total points required to complete the event are, and what that translates to as an average per player, plus maybe a suggested minimum related to that number.

Then I point out 3 things about scoring:

  1. Are there any exceptions to the usual points are based on rarity scale.
  2. Do the points increase as the enemy level increases or not.
  3. Is there a random multiplier possible.

Ideal event setup leads to a very quick one-liner: “Scoring is rarity-based, values increase with level, no random multiplier”. Done. It would be great if it was like that every time but oh well…