Reward Tiers for Riddles In the Dark event

Could someone in the community who is better at math than I am take a look at the rewards tiers for the event, and let us know what the average required shop tier is going to be per guildmate in this event.

It looks like it’ll take 33,000 total points, or 1,100 points per guildmate to collect all of the reward tiers.

That’s actually a bit more than I scored in last weeks event, and I bought to Tier 6 last week. I know that the rules are subject to change with every week’s World Event, but it would be great to know if it’s even worth having the guild participate.

Thanks in advance.


I am working on it. Math is a little more complicated to I need to run some extra fights.


World Event Scoring

Fight 3 Epic Fights from 4 choices,
Then, Fight 2 Legendary Fights from 3 choices,
Finally Fight 1 Mythic Fight and Repeat Process.

  • Epic - Start at 4, Add +1 Per Level Increase
  • Legendary - Start at 8, Add +2 Per Level Increase
  • Mythic - Start at 12, Add +3 Per Level Increase
    (Level Increase is 10 Levels for Epic and Legendary, 15 for Mythic)

Reward Tiers

Stage 1 - [20]
Stage 2 - [70]
Stage 3 - [150]
Stage 4 - [360]
Stage 5 - [600]
Stage 6 - [1,000]
Stage 7 - [1,700]
Stage 8 - [2,100]
Stage 9 - [3,500]
Stage 10- [3,500]
Stage 11- [7,000]
Stage 12- [13,000]
Total - [33,000]
Per Player - [1,100]

Event Completion

Tier 2 - 75 Fights - 1,230 Points (calculated mathematically)
Tier 3 - 81 Fights - 1,369 Points (calculated mathematically)

Tier 2 should easily be enough in a full guild. I checked my math a few times and I believe it is correct.

I cant in good conscience recommend Tier 1 but it may be possible with 30 members all completing Tier 1

Tier 0 - 62 - 1,033 (estimate based on T2-3 Average)
Tier 1 - 67 - 1,116 (estimate based on T2-3 Average)

I want to make this clear since this is a bit more complicated. I am by no means a math expert. That is why I tend to be conservative.


Early LB seems to confirm my general estimates but there is a lot more randomness than in the last few I believe.


Did you set up a Monte Carlo simulation to account for randomly-distributed fights at each tier, with replacement at potentially higher level?


I just assumed a worst case scenario and assumed the lowest fight would have to be done each time so they all leveled evenly. It should be a little better than that but not by much. Seemed the most conservative way to do it.


Thanks, @Redi1 for all of the work!
Much appreciated!

I have edited my post for the last time. The LB will be useless after today to help me and I dont feel like tracking individual data from 50 people anymore. :slight_smile: The good new is that they appear generally accurate.


So I should have just stuck with 1 or 2 epic battles instead of trying to level all of them up? This would explain the discrepancy in score between me and another (tier 6 purchasing) guild mate. This game makes no sense sometimes.

He asked Big Blue!