No thread about scoring on the latest world event?

So wots going on?

It’s in the news post for this week, at the bottom.


I bought T6, I had 72 fights and I earned: 17 crystals and 62 energy.

That means I had 55 fights that earned energy; or 1.13 energy per fight.

BS scoring is again reinstated. Wot a joke you are

Did you see Redi’s analysis? The scoring system itself may not be as good as last time, with scaling points, but it’s estimated that a full guild only needs to buy Tier II to close all out rewards. That doesn’t seem like “BS scoring” to me.


The complaint is that Tier 2 will allow a guild to complete? We should be thanking the devs …


Oh man. Keep with that kowtow subservience

I think the BS part is that it says that the regular fights can be worth 1-3 arcane energy. I am about 41 fights into the event and have not seen any of the regular fights award more than 1 arcane energy.

It also says the average is 1.18, so it’s intended that most of the battles reward only 1 Arcane Energy.


I’ve got no issue with this week’s scoring. Having the average guild mate only needing to buy to Tier II is awesome. I’m content if an event only requires Tier III to Tier IV.

I do find the World Events boring, though.


This is what we should be focusing on, imo. Keeping event costs low for a guild complete is appreciated.


Was this thread intended to generate drama when there isn’t any?
You figured you could just make a thread and then folks would jump on board to trash the devs or the event?
Then when folks do the opposite… You label them “subservient?”

Go away troll. These forums are no place for your kind.


There are plenty of things we can criticize the devs for, but this event doesn’t seem like one of them. If we are getting fewer than 1.18 Arcane Energies per battle, it’s not by much. And the 10 points for the Kurandara fight more than outweigh any difference. This isn’t a bad event (yet—I am getting scared of seeing level 300+ opponents with my current troop setup).

Edit to add: the scoring system last week was a lot better than this week’s. It was nice getting more progress for putting more effort into the week. I hope the devs can iterate on that and put it into regular service.



And people are complaining DEV’s aren’t using players suggestions:

Man you’re the king of drama. Please take a look in the mirror

Woah…I guess you got me there.
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You seem very angry.


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Really no need for drama the fairly low need to buy tiers in the shop is good, especially for “weaker” guilds imo. :slight_smile:

On the downside a non scaling scoring system feels demotivating, also as someone mentioned before it gets boring fast, I almost refuse to play it and once the rewards are all collected there is no further guild goal to work towards anyway only for pure personal gain (aka gem sink) if you want to be on the leaderboard. :wink: