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World Events - Add Scoring Rules Text in Game

Please add the scoring rules text to be displayed in the game for World Events. This would make it easier for GMs and players alike when playing World Events.

These are getting too complicated to explain to my guild members. Thank you!



It’s quite wordy, but can probably be fitted there. By word count, it might quarduple or quintuple the current text in there.


The existing text is much too wordy and could easily be compressed:

  • Round 1 defeat Bone Demon or Iron Jaw

  • Round 2, defeat TIM or Tankbot 2000

  • Round 3, defeat Lamashtu or Tartarus

  • Winning Round 1 and 2 moves you to the next Round

  • Winning Round 3 returns you to Round 1

Each enemy has an equal chance of appearing.


Each battle awards the following number of Infernal Gears:

Bone Demon: 2
TIM: 3
Tankbot 2000: 4
Ironjaw: 5
Tararus: 7

Each Infernal Gear is worth 10 point. Battles against TIM, Ironjaw and Tartarus drop a random number of Infernal Gears at approximately 1.18x the base amount.

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Good luck with this, they checked the code and everything looks fine.