World Events - Add Scoring Rules Text in Game

Please add the scoring rules text to be displayed in the game for World Events. This would make it easier for GMs and players alike when playing World Events.

These are getting too complicated to explain to my guild members. Thank you!



It’s quite wordy, but can probably be fitted there. By word count, it might quarduple or quintuple the current text in there.


The existing text is much too wordy and could easily be compressed:

  • Round 1 defeat Bone Demon or Iron Jaw

  • Round 2, defeat TIM or Tankbot 2000

  • Round 3, defeat Lamashtu or Tartarus

  • Winning Round 1 and 2 moves you to the next Round

  • Winning Round 3 returns you to Round 1

Each enemy has an equal chance of appearing.


Each battle awards the following number of Infernal Gears:

Bone Demon: 2
TIM: 3
Tankbot 2000: 4
Ironjaw: 5
Tararus: 7

Each Infernal Gear is worth 10 point. Battles against TIM, Ironjaw and Tartarus drop a random number of Infernal Gears at approximately 1.18x the base amount.

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Good luck with this, they checked the code and everything looks fine.


I still have no idea how the scoring works in these guild events. I just assume the higher the rarity color (such as Mythic blue) will get me the most points.
I don’t understand how you make game modes/events and not explain how it works anywhere.


Working as intended

Are you saying it isn’t obvious that people should switch out of the game to their browser, go to the forum, go under official news, then check the week’s event post? /s

As a quick fix the devs should at least link the forum post to the question mark in the guild event menu.

Edit: Curious, I went to see what the question mark does. It shows this.

It claims the Overview screen will explains how to get points. No, it doesn’t. :woman_facepalming:


My biggest issue with the wording is when they say:

“As the battle against Matron Velenne gets harder it will increase the amount of Ritual Scrolls given by 20% per victory.”

That’s wrong. It increases by “20% of its initial reward.”

In most cases (only one exception so far), this is best worded as:

“Each time you defeat Matron Velenne, her reward will increase by 1 Ritual Scroll.”

This covers both the fact that it’s the number of wins versus an enemy that matters (not the level), and that the increase per battle is a fixed amount (ie: additive, not multiplicative).


Ugh yes. One time mid event I went to calculate which fight was better for someone in my guild. I came to the forums for the rules, did the math, checked with my score and it didn’t line up. Realized they meant “of its initial reward”.

That said, I think technically both our and the devs’ interpretations are correct. The glory of language.

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Except this phrasing cannot be used about 2 weeks ago when the increase involved rounding, so the increase was either 1 or 2 {thing}, but not always either.

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I just wish they’d stop calling the scoring different things each time and simply just call it “x points”.
Kill gobbo, get 10 points.
Kill funky giant, get 25 points.

The current model is purely confusing, misleading & causes more irritation than any lore related gains that 99% of the players don’t care about.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Edit: To improve on it even further, they could simply add a “Points: xx” to the battle preview screen (for example below the enemy troop display) so you can easily see what the fight will be worth.
This would end all complaints & confusion about how much each fight is worth, plus put a tiny little psychological pressure on the player when he can see right away how many points a fight is worth (“oooh, that mythic fight looks hard, but it will be worth so much!”).


Mentioned this in another thread. There’s enough space to either put the points with each battle text (although I have gotten dancing icons again) or even a small question mark that brings up a popup (would be more work).

Other than the spacing/dancing issue, I think this could be a problem for battles that are already on the board. I.e. if you have 2 level 100 Wraths on the board, I don’t know if the game would update the second Wrath points after you defeat the first one. Yet, maybe it really is that simple.

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Im sure that most of us would just be happy if somewhere on the world event overview screen it said ‘click here to see the official scoring release’ and it take you to the official forum post like @Snooj pointed to.


Actually, no. The implication with the devs’ phrasing is always going to be a multiplicative increase. Rounding is implied by the fact fractions of Scrolls (or whatever) don’t appear. But 10 * 1.2 = 12 (multiplicative), not 11 (actual).

Sometimes it hints at it. For instance, last week it said to seek out Hyndla, as “she knows the most.” This was the in-game indication that you should do legendary Hyndla battles instead of the mythic Mystaralus battles.


Unfortunately that still leaves out how the other battles compare. If Hyndla wasn’t up, then the text didn’t say which fight to prioritize.

I would be content with more lore that hints at the best fights though. The actual number of points each fights give isn’t as important in my opinion. For example, looking at this week’s event, the lore is:

The darkness had given the Bright Forest troubles of its own. The undead hordes of Scorpius, defeated many centuries ago, had begun to arise. We resolved to help the Fey fight them before talking with the Spring Emissary.

Defeat Undead and collect their skulls to show your victories.

This correctly points out Scorpius is the best, but what about the other fights? I’m not a writer, but what if it instead said:

The darkness had given the Bright Forest troubles of its own. The undead hordes of Scorpius, defeated many centuries ago, had begun to arise. We resolved to help the Fey fight them before talking with the Spring Emissary.

Careful though, Scorpius has powerful commanders protecting him including Maraji Queen and Wrath. Pride and Bolem scout the area as first line defense.

Defeat Undead and collect their skulls to show your victories.


I guess that would be ok. IMO, I don’t want to leave out of the game to do anything, not on this game or any other game. Just put the info in the event. None of this hint dropping like others have said, that doesn’t explain the scoring for the other battles.
The lore and all that is great, but I’m more concerned about which battle is going to get me the most points and just guessing every week is ridiculous.

Lol, nope! I didn’t even know you had to do that. But the obvious answer here is why would I do that or want to do that? lol

If we’re collecting boney skulls this week and they’re worth 10 pts. each, and relic shards of no one cares are worth 20 pts. each, and this troop gives you this many and this other troop gives you this amount, JUST SAY IT!