The Fury Road

OK, so that scoring is ridiculously over-complicated and just serves to emphasize again: the scoring needs to be easily visible in-game rather than burdening GMs with explaining it to their players.


They still seem to think it’s cool to do that kind of stuff.

They also always make us do math. Why can’t we get x amounts of things representing points?

Want to give us 24 points, give us 24 components and not 8 that are each worth 3 points. If you insist on giving us things and not just points…


Hey @Maisie - I shared this feedback with the team this morning! :sparkles:


Thank you! These world events are boring as sin (sorry devs!) But since this game has so much going on that is forgivable. The inscrutable scoring stuff is just a pain in the behind.

The hint of randomness to prevent ties, I get. But the crazy stupid math (I personally love math!) though… it adds nothing good to the game.


F’ing preach it! Never understood why they refuse to just do straightforward scoring it cant be any easier doing it this way for the devs either and no it isn’t fun having to learn new scoring methods for each new world event. strange orders where epics are worth more than mythics or scoring is all over with multiple items worth multiple points each.


Here’s to hoping there is an ‘ongoing piece of feedback’ about event scoring (unnecessary math/convoluted, and lack of in-game visual way to see how many points each battle offers) too, since it has been brought up countless times since World Events started, and ignored pretty much as many times by the old mods, e.g.

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Here are the graphics to help you this week

Please note that the official scoring and what I saw in testing didn’t line up for Deep Golem. I’ve detailed what I saw as perhaps the official scoring had a typo

Event Summary

Info posted in Global Chat 429 (pc/mobile)

Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 1 (~66 battles)

Reward Amounts

Battles and Scoring


If they made Medal of Seasons available somewhere else/as tokens in explore… would anyone actually miss World Events if they were swapped for Journey Events? like permanently retired, as a concept

I wouldnt miss World Events one bit


It’s all personal taste, much like Treasure Hunt and GWs, some love it, some hate it, but variety of events allows you to pick a guild that focuses on something that you enjoy. Eg there’s loads of no GWs or no World event requirement guilds out there.

For me, I can’t stand journey events, the penalisation at the harder end of the event is impossible to mitigate and was only doable because of a bug in the code letting you run illegal weapons on the team.

The medals in world event really do help you fly through the event feeling pretty powerful and the enemy and team restrictions do get you to experiment with team building. That said, complicated scoring is not appreciated and frustrating when it’s not in game. Hopefully that changes in the future and I won’t need to post in global 429 and do all the guides.


Apart from last week’s World Event (which was a horrible grind), I’ve found the two Journey Events recently to be much slower and tougher than a World Event. That’s with my standard, Tier 3 buy-in.

But no, I wouldn’t miss either.


Ditch obscure scoring unless its explained in event. Journey? no thanks but 3 day faction repeats should be a no brainer. One day tuesday run is and always was a horrible experience.


Considering this is basically thought of as a casual game, played by people of all stages in life & maturity, the complexicated event scoring is a nightmare.

Many players never ever see Hawx’s posts and are completely oblivious about the scoring, which is frankly punishing any guild out there → many of those players (especially lower level ones) would prefer to take easier fights, leading to them having less overall score → makes it harder for the non-hardcore guilds to complete the events.

And for people like me who have actual memory issues, it can be a struggle to remember the score order all the time… which is really frustrating :frowning: → it can sometimes take conscious effort to keep track of things for me /sigh.


Not kidding, I have an LCD tablet thingy to write notes on - I use it for shopping and to write down event scoring so I can have a glance and see what’s worth what.

Isn’t that crazy?

We really need those changes - and please don’t create something ingame that we need to look up again but mark every fight clearly so that we don’t need anything but the map with the possible battles.

You could do it for journey with the miles, I’m sure you can do it for world event as well.

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I post the scoring in Global Chat 429 (pc/mobile) which is currently the only thing I could think of to help the community out with an in game solution.
We keep the channel free from chatter and purposely scouted the channels to find an unused one so that it only has the scoring and nothing else. Hopefully that helps out a little


Super helpful. Until word gets out and the channel is flooded by recruiting posts or random trolls.
I tried the same thing years ago with my team builds. I haven’t used it in years and trolls now think the channel still exists somewhere in global. A part of me hopes they bother checking every channel that exists.

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There’s been a few random posts in there but generally everyone is pretty grateful and respectful and doesn’t post. I mean I can’t claim a public channel but seems that nearly everyone so far is happy to use it for the scoring and then switch channels to chat/recruit/talk cat or whatever the cool kids do

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About the only game mode with any variety is weekly event so i like them. The points per battle last week were ridiculous and this week is unnecessarily complicated. So although i like playing the events i 100% agree the scoriing is maddening

Do you really can not see why they do the obscure scoring thing?
Most people do not read the forums or different discord servers, or reddit or whatever. I haven’t knew about channel 429 either.
An easy straightforward scoring would be too easy to figure out, with this kind of scoring those who do not look up the rules can not optimize their sigil usage. They need more sigils to reach the goal, more sigils means more gems spent, and gems are money.


I don’t know, that feels like a pretty convoluted way to make money, they could just raise the score required to unlock rewards instead. Somebody probably just thinks players love to hunt for wolf anuses at 3.1415 points a piece, multiplied by the current moon phase. Unfortunately, that somebody seems to either be entirely immune to feedback or locked up well enough to never receive any. On the bright side, at least trophies are called trophies each week, and their value never changes.


I have just burst out laughing reading this. You should see me trying to figure it out before the official scoring gets posted at midnight, sometimes I reach a similar conclusion that it can only be some deep form of witchcraft to determine the scoring.