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Display points on each world event battle

I’ve seen this complaint everywhere regarding points for world events being displayed in-game. For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem that Devs want to move in that direction (possibly it makes the lore screen too long/ugly, who knows). So that is not what this request is about (although it would be nice to have in-game, even if its just that the help button opens the link to the official post about the event.)

Yet, for events whose points scale with difficulty/battles played, I feel it would be even more useful to display the current points for that battle before engaging in it. For the current event, I might have a screen with Webspinner, Widow Queen, Arachnean Weaver and maybe my RNG was off and I have a very high level Malcandessa. Which one would give me the most points? While I could do the math, it shouldn’t be necessary when that information is readily available in-game as soon as I complete the fight. But what if I’m low level and need to use multiple sigils per fight? Should I spend 2+ on a high level Webspinner when 2x Malcandessa would give me more and be much easier to do?

As with the issue of not having the base points in-game, there is no reason to hide the points you would earn for a given battle. Not enough room? Make the icons smaller an that might solve the issue of jittering/dancing icons (3 bugs, one small patch).

I even have a suggestion that involves no change to current setup: Display the points next to the level as below (there’s plenty of room, what with the usually large troop names)

Beware my image editing skills…


Possibly, doing the math is a part of the event as I see. Gotta figure out asap the precedence of choosing the battle. Say for this event,
Widow Queen >> Higher Rarity >> Higher Level.

But at some level, Webspinner room starts giving more points than the Widow Queen room. I wish I had bought enough tiers to find that out. But we closed the event already, so it would be a waste of gems.

Maybe one day they will offer you to see the points of each battle, unlocked in tier 4 in the event shop. Because time is money and money is gems.

Sarcasm aside: you’re absolutely right. It’s complete nonsense like this AND the scoring is only available OUTSIDE of the game. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Ridiculous.


I’ve been the one in my guild the to always check the forums and report back. And yes, there is a general rule that can be followed, but that depends on how your RNG treats you. And the math is “simple”:
Points in battle = (base_amount + (0.25 * base_amount * (current_level - 10)/15))

But just as it’s simple to do the math, it’s also simple to display the points in game, or at least update the help button so that it links to current event instead of the generic world even help page.


As you said, RNG could be why they’re not showing the points.

Actually, not what I said. Points are fixed based on battle count/level. RNG just determines which battles show up. Looking at the 4 or 5 battles at any given screen, the points you are earning for those battles is already known and fixed. The only case where you won’t be able to calculate the points you’re going to earn for a given battle is if the same battle shows up multiple times (i.e. 3 Webspinners). In that case, the first battles will give X points, the next will give X+4, and the next will give X+8, even though they all display the same level.

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There’s also this bizarre obsession with “average 1.18” that means telling you battle score in advance isn’t plausible. World events also mean we have to calculate the medal boost for ourselves because it is not shown when we are about to cast a troop or added to all troop stats prior to battle (including skull damage if medal appropriate) in the same way that eg faction horde boost is. Why? Laziness. World event scoring is pointlessly complicated by design. The intention being to minimise how many power orbs are “won”. The 1.18 fiasco is a smokescreen in most cases because nailed on scoring will always do better when the 25% level boost is active. Let’s face it, since doomskulls appeared we can’t even trust our own attack stats.

They are fixed this way in this weeks event. The rules change each week, a lot of past events included a random scoring component.

Fair. One-size fits all would not work for events with random points. Even so, there might be enough room to write (X-Ypts), the 1.18x average or the minimum/maximum value.