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World Event Scoring Suggestions

Here are two ideas for changes in World Event Scoring. First is intended for early/mid gamers. Second is a general idea of making things more spicy.

#1. Issue:
Early game/midgame players are hitting a wall, which they cant overcome with their teams and as such, their efforts go to waste, which is rather negative than positive experience.
Proposed solution:
Instead of each battle having a fixed reward for winning, make it every troop of each rarity has a fixed score, and score from a battle is the sum of scores from killed units.
Let’s say these are troops values:
common (dont know if they ever show up in these events) -1 point
rare - 2 pts
very rare - 3 points
epic - 5 points
legendary - 8 points
Mythic - 12 points

Battle where you would encounter 1 legendary, 2 epic and 1 very rare troop would be worth (8+10+3)= 21 points, if full cleared.
If a player managed to kill only 1 epic and very rare troop (and lost the battle in process), he would only get (5+3)= 8 points.
This way, early/midgame players could see those events as more interesting, as their efforts wouldn’t go to waste even if they’d hit a wall.

#2. Current scoring makes an optimal decision-path for battles as such:
pick the highest rarity battle, than
pick the lowest lvl battle
as there is no differance wheather you fight a lvl 10 team, or a lvl 250 team, events are kind of getting very repetetive and boring

Proposed solution:
Make higher lvl battles give a bit more reward. Let’s say, there a multiply factor for battles vs high lvled enemies.
Battles from lvl 10-50 have that factor set to 1.
Battles from lvls 60-100 have that factor set to 1.2
Battles from lvls 110-150 have that factor set to 1.4
Battles from lvls 160-200 have that factor set to 1.6 and so on.
This could encourage some players to pick higher lvl battles to get their multiply factor increased faster and get more points running. While other players, not so sure of their team composition could still take the safer path.

I think these 2 changes could get those World Events more appealing for most of the players.
It would involve some math and simulation for deciding where to put the rewards thresholds for these events.