World event scoring is bugged!

Thanks to @Kafka incite on a separate matter. We are now able to see that 3rd party platforms aren’t supposed to be required for success in Gems of War.

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Therefore weeks like this one and last week are bugged since the highest rarity battles do not result in the most points and if it weren’t for social media the community wouldn’t know that.

Nothing in the game explains scoring each week. So this must be a bug. Unless of course …you all are just hypocrites.


Noted also in a related thread: the patch notes for this release did say the scoring would be clearly explained in-game.


Hey, I know. This is feedback I have consistently passed on and plan to bring it up again at the earliest opportunity I have :v:


There should be no RNG in any item which can be crafted in the soulforge.
Give those a chance too who are not up to farming endlessly but tenacious and patient enough to craft something even if it takes a year.

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@kafka you changed this report to a feature request instead of a bug report.
Yet once again this week a player needs a 3rd party platforms to know how to maximize scoring.

So if Dungeons were redesigned due needing outside information. Why is it allowed in world events?

Specially during a week with two other concurrent events. Where folks have even less time to check the forums.


Glad you got a response, but what IS the reason that the scoring mechanics aren’t ingane?
The only reason I can see it that The Devs exploits the fact that so few are using forums, Discord servers etc. and therefore those players will have to spend more gems to get the rewards.
In fact I remember that the first World Event’s scoring mechanic was a secret and that Salty told us the Scoring mechanics would change from week to week and would be a secret… Though The Devs changed it to not be a 100% secret…

Because Dungeon gives resources that are more valuable

The reason they changed the dungeon was a lot of people don’t use the forums or other sources for information , yet week after week they do not put any information in game about scoring, so how do these gamers who do not access the forums etc get their scoring rates. It seems one rule for you and one rule for us


@Jeto I find it extremely convenient that no official word is being made on this matter. .

Yet for the third week (at least) in a row the scoring discriminates those who don’t use 3rd party platforms to figure out the most efficient scoring. Hypocrisy at it’s absolutely finest and also contradicts how “every week the scoring will be different.”

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I can stop posting guides if that suits. I get the point you are trying to make that the dungeon tool shouldn’t of been taken down on the “third party platforms” reasoning but all that’s going to happen is they are gonna ban my guides. I post the guides on THIS website, which requires no other platform for you to see the guides. The dungeon tool, although posted on this platform, was a link to an external site. That’s the difference I see, not justifying why one thing is okay and another not but why they have allowed the posting of an image on their website vs a link to an external site. Please just be cautious that this is the route you see best to pursue because I can’t see it ending well to prove part of a point.

Also please don’t bite my head off :grimacing:. I tried to word this as polite as I could and I’m a delicate little soul on the inside

I’ll stop citing your work. However whether it’s you or someone else doing the guide. The game still REQUIRES it. So I’m not trying to “yell” at or ban the author from writing the book.
I’m criticizing the fact that the book has to exist but only in the context of hypocrisy. They changed the game due to a dungeon guide. They should change the game again due to the world event guide.

Doing nothing to improve the game in fear of retaliation for raising a solid point is the point that the game is truly over for everyone.

We are the CONSUMER. The devs should fear us. Not the other way around.


Hopefully your head remains intact. Some of the devs lost theirs years ago. I would never wish that on anyone.

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That is an illusion, till you do not have contract and pay big money, but play for free you are free content!