[Not a bug] World event switched from guild leaderboard to individual leaderboard

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to compete in a guild based leaderboard as part of the “Baba Yaga’s Deal” event. These type of events are highly competitive, requiring a much higher shop tier buy-in. As of today, the event suddenly changed from guild leaderboard to individual leaderboard, making the purchases obsolete. It is likely this was caused by this fix, which should only have changed the way scores are displayed:

Steps to resolve the issue
Please either refund all wasted shop tier purchases or switch the event back to guild leaderboard.


I so second that. Our guild bought in heavily (was still top 5 last time I checked). Now we feel ripped off.

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What were the original guild rewards listed on the Leaderboard?

Same as now as far I saw.

700 gems 1 power orb for 1st place, 400 gems 2 major orbs for 2nd etc.

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Sorry, it looks like we missed posting details to the forums sooner:

I’m very sorry for the delay communicating this on the forum. It’s just Gman and I on CX today and we’ve been out of office the past 3 days so we’ve been trying to divide and conquer to get ontop of everything and follow up on everything from while we were out and missed replying to the bug report thread.

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