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World event difficulty progression is meh

Explore mode has 12 difficulty settings, each defining its own upper and lower level limits. Each setting is more difficult than the one before. Difficulty increases as you progress towards the final battle and ideally peaks with the m-m-mythic boss battle. This keeps the experience within a predictable range of valleys and peaks and allows for players to develop a sense of progression.

To illustrate, this is what explore mode opponent level valleys and peaks and difficulty settings look like:

You’d expect world events to follow a similar pattern.


They don’t; battle levels increase independently as every preset battle is a separate ‘explore’ run in itself. This leads to some rather… funky? results because there’s no lower bound for difficulty.

Just beat a level 500 battle? Surely your next opponent’s going to be level 425-525?


It’s level 20-40 battles for the next seven sigils for you.

Let me accurately illustrate world event difficulty progression:

I’d enjoy the game more if world event level progression worked a tiny bit more like explore mode’s.


Lmao I love your second graph drawing.

I don’t mind the bouncing around too much. For low level players the graph would look like explore actually as they wouldn’t even attempt doing the higher level fights.

I’d prefer if each different fight would have its own team though. I typically set up speed teams for low levels, and scaling teams for high levels. But, once any fight gets to high level, it becomes a pain to change teams.

I’d also love if the design of picking fights was updated so we’d never get a map of only one type of fight. Many world event unofficial rules become: “Avoid fight X. When that’s all you have left, pick a random spot on the map and just spam that one.” If the design was improved so this wouldn’t happen, we wouldn’t see so much bouncing difficulty either.


I kind of like the difficulty being mixed up. It’s nice going from a tough fight to an easy one, gives me a little break from the stress :sweat_smile:

Originally the level design made sense. Because the world events had “boss troops”. Yes ladies and gents. The Red borders were made for more than just 2 troops in the game. (Maybe the dungeon bosses have them as well?)
But the devs quickly phased them out. No one bitched because for higher levels it made the events too easy. (Lower levels it gave them a chance to do more than a few world event battles) and no one thinks before they speak so yeah I think we haven’t saw them since the first campaign.
Yet the difficulty in world events remained the same as if boss troops still existed within the campaign. (I also think they’re the reason troop roles exist as a reason for the RNG to select it as a restriction for the week but I’m not sure.)

Stuff like this always makes me wonder how much precious development time just ends up on the cutting room floor.

Medals with effects. Campaign Artifact effects. More ways to acquire forge scrolls — the list goes on and on for things that were supposedly developed and summarily scrapped, often before the community even got to try them out.

Such a waste.

And if this waste is unwanted, then why not fix the things or implement the changes people are actually asking for, rather than make a thing that no one wanted only to throw it away when people complain they’re getting coal on Christmas.