Absurd difficulty spike in Badges world quest

It was one or two months ago when I reached the level to unlock the world quest for using badges and medals. But the difficulty of the battles were not only challenging, they were impossible at that level. Worse yet, they blocked the line of world quests behind them. When I eventually was able to win the battles several dozens of levels later, the other world quests down the line were much easier than these ones. It seems that something is amiss: did they switched the unlock sequence around without adjusting enemy levels?

Switch, 6.8

Been like that for over a year at least. Just keep opening kingdoms, forget the quest line

… you might want to NOT participate in any of the topics discussing the 6.9 update, then. Because basically everything that got changed is (currently) a net negative.

Why this particular World Quest is a problem is because (1) it unlocks WAY too early for the teams you’re supposed to fight, and (2) you cannot back out of one World Quest to select another (the way you can with Kingdom Quests, Faction Quests, heck even World Event battles).


From a game design / game flow point of view, world quests are not supposed to be too difficult. They are early game (introductory) basic content, not end game challenges. It does not make sense to gate early game basic content behind a very difficult battle.

The world quest unlocks at level 24, and the enemies are level 24. But the big problem is that, troops stats scaling from level 15 up is much steeper than the lower levels. So the level 24 enemy troops have about double the stats of your own troops at levels 15-19. That is an unsurmountable difficulty spike.

The enemies for that world quest, as well as the next one (warbands), need to be reduced to level 15 in order to make sense.

This picture looks so wrong …


oh yeah, I was stumbled back then at this very moment. After a dozen of tries I moved on into kingdoms instead. I saw other people complaining about it in the global chat as well, and suggested them to keep going ignoring world quest for a while.

Been almost 2 years without reconsideration: