World quest made the newbie experience horrible

Every content requires a world quest in order to unlock it,and they forgot to check the enemy stats.This world quest is only the level 24 one to unlock medals.There is one for explore,classes,arena etc.As newbie you cant do anything but quest,and challenges,because world quest to unlock content is extremely overtuned.


Oh no. Poor newbies. No newbies would like to start.


Isn’t there a place you can fight and level up?

I don’t have the capacity to make a new account anywhere to see for myself. But that fight looks way too hard…

@sylverscale is correct. As a newbie, you should not worry (or even pay attention) to World Event. The guild you are part of unlikely worry about either, or at least make your performance an issue.

At the beginning, you should follow-up the story line, unlock kingdoms, unlock underworld, get more troops, start doing dailies, level-up and work on Kingdom level and Kingdom powers. Before you know it, if you play regularly, you will reach out to a level and skills where the battle will turn the other way; it will be too easy for you.

Not all content in the game is designed for everyone, especially new players. What you are asking is similar to a casual player complaining about not being able to complete the Pure Faction 500 runs for delves without potions. Some of the stuff requires you to build up to it and even then, endure quite a bit.

Find a good guild (if you have not already) that will raise you properly and that can help you prioritize stuff. Especially for newbies, this is the most important thing.


I don’t think this is the world event, this is the new world quest. Which most of us can’t see as we’ve already unlocked everything.

@Orochi2023 Do you have challenges you could do? In early levels, you should be able to gain levels and with that, stats faster. That does seem like a tough one to take on for a newbie though.


With world events if under level can use sigils to boost your stats you will get less fights in but it gets you a few battles won at least and can help the guild get the rewards.

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Oh good catch, sorry about that, I never made the connection. If that is the case, then I stand corrected.

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Yes this is a world quest,the thing that unlocks content for newbies.I have challenges,and i can do the kingdom quests,but i cant unlock treasure hunt,arena,explore,medals,classes,or any other content,all needs a world quest,and this is only the second one,first one was hard too but still doable,these enemies has 3x the stats of the first world quest.

i would really adress @Jeto here for example, cause this can’t be the intention for devs, that new players just want to leave the game. oponent is too hard for a lvl 24 player (few hours in the game)


I don’t think you’re supposed to power through the world quests without playing the unlocked stuff for some time, unlocking kingdoms etc

Now I don’t know if that’s made clear to new folks or if they’re left feeling frustrated because it feels like they need to play quest after quest.

As someone who has run an alt through the world quests its not hard yes you might have to wait a couple of levels before swinging back around to some of them but its no biggie especially as some of the features used to take quite a bit longer to get to. And if you with an active guild which I wasnt it’ll be easier.

@Muir You already know the game before you tried it. You are not a newbee. Imagine being a totally new gow player.

I’m beginning to suspect you might actually get punished hard for not doing that. Is opponent troop scaling still tied to hero level, meaning they slowly get extra stats and traits as you gain levels? Then be prepared to suffer for not doing some those world quests as soon as possible, because they now also unlock things like how far you can upgrade your own troops. Depending on how this is balanced you might be stuck with a troop level cap of 5 while opponents just keep growing stronger.

People only going to understand this if they try themselves,im doing quests,but they are useless,they give nothing,they are only there to get profile level,so you can unlock stuff,but world quest is required for everything,there are a lot of them,you cant unlock any content without it.You cant power through this,you cant farm traitstones,treasure hunt,arena,ranked pvp,anything,no delve,nothing at all,even if you get max leveled troops,the difference will be huge still.(Not to mention everything unlocks way later.Treasure hunt world quest at rank 50?Why?)
And dont forget this is only world quest 2/fight 1.There will be atleast 10 other,each harder then the previous.I hope Tacet or someone tries this,
Another funny things is,you cant get treasure map from troops like Tyri,or from cascades,until you done the Th world quest,and unlocked the mode.I wonder what else i can find,the game is a joke rn for newbies.Sorry for the long rant,but people need to see this themselves,i dont think ANYONE(not even veterans)can progress on a new account.

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Leveling your Hero will give you much of the stats (and weapons, e.g. Mang at 15 Red/Brown ) required to navigate Early Game, so I’d suggest grinding whichever modes you currently have available until you can handle the current obstacle.
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Kingdom quest and challenges only,every other game mode is world quests.Just read what i wrote above you to understand whats happening,or you can try a new account,that would be the best,because no one takes me seriously.

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If you have completed all available kingdom quests and challenges, and there’s no further way to keep gaining xp at all, then indeed there could be a design issue.

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Well, I hope not. The enemy levels in the world quests should stay the same, otherwise that would indeed be quite terrible.

The new system while not perfect is better than the old system where you could get held up for some considerable time if you did anything wrong. Secondly you now get gems day 1 not whenever you finished the “quest”. Yes one or two world quests could do with having with being a bit easier but outside of that there is nothing majorly wrong with it.

Being a curious person I found a way to set up a new account and play some. So here’s what I found:

A) You can unlock kingdom like we used to. Then you can play the quest there plus the challenges that get unlocked - which is the best way to get glory and souls for example when you’re still new.

B) You can level up kingdoms with gold like we used to and get troops for that… like we used to.

So far, nothing has changed.

What has changed, however, is that you get quite a few gems and other stuff along the way from hero pass, including adventurer keys. Now the troops in there might not be the best but they’re still fine to have - plus you get those keys on top of everything, just for playing.

When you’re in the hero menu, Luther doesn’t tell you to go finish World quest, nope, he points you to continuing your journey in the kingdoms. Which you’ll have to as you definitely need to upgrade before you can tackle the knights - beating them will give you a free medal (Gaard, I suppose - I didn’t finish yet). For finishing two battles…

Also, if you grabbed all the free resources you know that those are really nice and will be even nicer for a newbie.

If you invest the $5, you’ll be swimming in riches compared to when I started. :wink:

Also, while the fight against the knights is hard (I only managed to beat the first after unlocking it, the second is way too tough), the first is doable at around the level (plus a bit, maybe) they unlock (took me several attempts, though).

I got the 2nd one down to the last troop but leveling up some more would be needed. And I’m tired of the constant arena feel to the play. :sweat_smile:

It definitely hasn’t gotten any worse compared to before. On the contrary.

There always used to be a struggle doing the harder content. But now you’ll get better resources to start you off. Being that limited after building up my account feels terrible, though, to be honest. :joy:

I also figured out that what I thought would be the case is actually what’s going on: difficulty is fixed so you can indeed level up and go back in.

Here are some screens of the second fight.