Working on a sacrifice team

I’m trying to make a good Sacrifice team. So far this is the best I’ve got:

Spirit Fox

How it works: Spirit Fox has empowered, so you cast it on the first turn. After that, it’s served its purpose. Sacrifice kills it, buffs the other allies. Gar’Nok summons Orcs into the last spot, for further sacrifices, and buffs attack. Sylvanimora’s spell scales off of magic so every buff increases the damage it does, plus it generates mana & entangles.

It works better in theory than in practice, though. I can’t help but think there’s a similar team that WOULD work, so I figured I’d throw it out there & see if anyone can think of some obvious tweaks to improve it.


-Giant spider
-Bone Dragon, Creeping Dead, Dead, (many possibilities)
-Mad Prophet (so much purple) or Soothsayer, Luther (also depends what you prefer . magic ,attack ,armour -)

Maybe the best one used a lot of purple, so it could be excessive.

My first attempt at a team used Giant Spider–it seemed like the obvious choice. But it does generate purple a LOT faster than you can fill up Giant Spider to summon a Spider Swarm. You can’t cast Sacrifice without a Spider Swarm & so it stalls pretty quickly.

So, then, what about a summoner that uses purple mana? Corrupt Sorceress, Dark Master. But then you have all your slots full of troops that don’t really benefit from the magic buff that Sacrifice’s spell gives, which is the whole point of the thing.

This team requires a summoner. If you have a good summoner, then Sacrifice is a good mana generator.

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yes but less options if you want to maximize bonus with dead mark.
Without it summoner bison winged (literal translation), royal engineer, Dokkalfar

I was using this lineup
Hero (Creeping Death)
Giant Spider

My think was if I get a board with no purple I can fill Spider once to get it going. But I like the idea of using an empowered troop. Then the hero is adding death mark to boost sacrifice ability and dokkalfar keeps creating giant spiders who you can use to refill purple if needed.