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Sacrifice Team Ideas

Hey I’m trying to put together a team for Sacrifice because, well, he’s got a really interesting mechanic and I want to see where I can take him. I’m currently running:
+2 Purple Banner
Hero - Sorceror: Creeping Death*
Giant Spider*

The team is actually pretty fun. I fire off Soothsayer trying to grab as many Blue/Green gems as possible and then fill Giant Spider. Then I cast Giant Spider to fill up Sacrifice, cast Sacrifice on Blue or Green–whichever one the board has more of–and pray for an extra turn. Then, if Giant Spider filled up, I can cast it again and create a Spider Swarm where Soothsayer once was to use as Sacrifice fodder. This generally cycles for a little bit and then I can cast Creeping Death, which I have gotten up to 50ish damage per cast.

So the team is really fun and not as bad as I thought but there are some problems. First, Sacrifice is in the front and to the extent that I have him ascended he’s not particularly tanky. I originally had my hero on point but I found it was too slow to fill up Sacrifice. Second, Soothsayer is okay but isn’t phenomenal. I figured an Empowered troop would fit best in the fourth slot so I could cast it at the beginning and then sacrifice it without feeling like it was a useless troop. If anyone has any suggestions for the fourth slot, I’d love to hear them. Third, there’s a lot of Purple mana overflow that goes to waste. Often Sacrifice is able to fill himself up fully, so the Purple mana from casting Giant Spider usually goes to waste. I don’t have Death but perhaps having him instead of the hero (in which case I would probably do Sacrifice, Giant Spider, Death, Soothsayer) might solve this.

I also haven’t tried a different banner, but I’m thinking that maybe the +2 Blue/+1 Purple banner might work better, because the slowness so far comes from filling up Giant Spider.

Does anyone have any ideas? I really want to make this troop work (so that I can justify going for his third trait).

The problem with sacrifice teams (that I have found and you are not finding), is you need a tank in the front to take blows while you build up the mana engine.

So if you have a tank in the front, a summoner, that only leaves you two slots left for other things. The 4th is your "First sacrifice) and so you hope you never fill him and only use him one. So now you only get one slot for a damage dealer.

The issue I have is you need a mana generator (IE something that changes colors on the board or destroys large parts of the board to fill fast). All of the best teams have at least 1 if not 2 mana generators and then two damage dealers (or special killers).

I personally would suggest a Fully Traited Gorgotha in the first slot to generate lots of mana AND have 75% reduction of skull damage. Then you can put Sacrifice, and damage dealer you want and then a one time use troop (any empowered group should work).

Good luck with your Team :slight_smile:

Green Slime
Shadow Dragon

Cast Death then Sacrifice twice for over 50 magic buff. Leaves you with 80 random stat Green Slime to tank, and 80 true damage Shadow Dragon to one hit whatever death mark leaves behind.

I’d go with

Red / Brown banner
Hero : Orb Weaver - War & Peace
Sooth Sayer

Hero and Terraxis both benefits well from the magic bonus
Sooth Sayer helps gathering mana with Empowered, curses the ennemies and raise the magic both with his spell and with the Stone Spirit of Terraxis.
Once Sooth Sayer is dead, Hero can replace it with Giant Spiders thanks to his traits.

I wouldn’t play that if not for fun, it is kinda weak in my opinion, but still the best I could come up with…

I use:

Purple Banner:
Giant Spider
Astral Spirit

I have fully traited Astral Spirit so I can cast her at least once before I sacrifice her. Giant Spider had Big trait to get Life up the front, as well helping to fill Sacrifice, it also can summon in Spider Swarms to sacrifice.

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Fill purple then sacrifice both then just loop justice while targeting skulls.

Haven’t tried this it’s just a theory.

If Sacrifice is the last troop, will it kill itself? And will the magic boost occur since that text happens after “Kill the Last Ally”?

Sacrifice will sacrifice itself. It will give magic to other allies, but I don’t believe it gets the +2 on death if it dies.

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Thanks a lot for the ideas everyone! I forgot that Gorgotha could function as a mana generator, I’ll have to give him a try. I considered just having him to tank at one point, but decided against it because Sacrifice sometimes whiffs and leaves the opponent (who probably has Khorvash) with plenty of 4+ matches to stun Gorgotha. But I’ll give him a shot as a mana generator.

I didn’t think about Green Slime, Terraxis, or even sacrificing Sacrifice itself. I always assumed you’d want to be able to cast it a couple times, but maybe that’s overkill.

Thanks again for the team building ideas. One of my favorite things about this game is coming up with teams but there are so many troops it’s hard to consider all of them.