New ridiculous Invade team - thanks Deathknight!

I think I broke it. First turn: :astonished:

Finally found a use for Sacrifice, too!

The team:

Crimson Bat
Princess Elspeth ***
Deathknight Hero *** with Purple weapon

First turn: Elspeth kills Hero. Generate a ton of purple to fill up Sacrifice, and Death Mark all enemies. If Sacrifice is fully traited, everyone gains 2 Magic.

Second turn: Sacrifice kills whoever got summoned into the last slot. +2 Magic to all again, plus his spell; +9 Magic to all allies, and +4 for each Death Marked enemy. And if you have him generate blue or red, the Bat is close to charged or ready to go.

So, at this point Crimson Bat is doing: Base damage (16 for me) + Sacrifice’s spell boost (+25), plus 4 if Sacrifice is *** = 41 to 45 true damage to all enemies. by the second turn.. Oh man this is fun.

The Monster boost this week just makes it more ridiculous.

Thankfully the AI would screw this up completely because that would be rough to come up against.

Can anyone think of ways to make this even sillier, or otherwise break the game in crazy ways?




It would be joyous if Elspsth was able to summoned again another Deathknight hero.


Well it’s perfectly possible for Sacrifice to create enough purple to recharge himself, then immediately fire off again for another +25 Magic.

You know, just in case 45 true damage isn’t enough…


What banner are you using here?

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very cool team, will have to try it out

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Draakulis instead of Bat gives you immunity to Wraith touch, just in case.


We can’t all be @DonBoba with our Draakulises. Some of us have to settle for the original bat. :wink:


Dead Knight Hero is going places!


Yep, no Drakuulis here. Feel free to substitute based on your collection.

I’m using the +2,blue banner but am not convinced there isn’t anything better.

We called this deck “Smackrifice”. XD

Ping @XLS78 @h0m1n1d

Also: try Krystenax in Bat place. Sacrifice - Krystenax - Elspeth - DK with purple weapon. Same concept and game play. :slight_smile:


After hours of work with this set, I’m not sold on it. It’s way too hit or miss, and when you miss from RNG, it’s a serious miss. Overall maybe sometimes faster than good teams, but not as consistent as better teams. And those teams have much better back up plans.


This is OP. Hopefully, @kanevan and @efh313 will need to add some more lines to a certain song soon… :wink:


Situationally OP even…



That was my experience. I gave it a go. When the RNG hit, it was amazing. When it missed, it really hurt.

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Apparently you can…
It just happened to one of my guildmates earlier today :fearful:
The hero got summoned back with 0 Armor and Health…


What is the beam of light in the picture? I had it happen twice in a row and it made the troop have 4 different mana colors but I have no clue why it happened.

I think it happens if you use Elspeth before traits finish going off.


That’s just a display bug. The hero (well their picture anyway) never left so when the troop that was summoned on top of it died, the hero was revealed beneath it. The game ignores the hero at that point since it’s not really there. :slight_smile:


This team is fun! Thanks for sharing!

I don’t have sacrifice fully traited but I don’t think it’s worth the dark traitstones right now

Edit: I wouldn’t say this team is OP due to the random nature of the guardian. With my own experience I can rarely fill Crimson bat with my sacrifice RNG. Misfires often. Still a strong team but I think that RNG aspect keeps it from needing a nerf.