Purple guardian


Hi, I write this post to talk about the guardians. This powerful commons troops that get usual to team because makes benefits to them. Except one.
The purple guardian kill one of you troops… What?
I usually play using the death mark but this guardian is an enemy also, no ones play with him because his power is not useful like the others guardians.
Maybe this must change or this guardian is going to be inactive. Someone used it?
Thanks all.


It depends how you use this troop… use with some troop that summon another troop like giant spider and you can boost your troop with purple guardian… think this with some real good summoners


But if I don’t remember bad, you cannot chose the troop that die, so if it s dead, this battle is finished early.


it kills the last ally, i suppose u can do something like

then it would keep sacrificing the nonimportant slot and if nothing there then sacrifice self and is done…
but i dont see how boosting magic of team where there is no unit that really benefits from magic can help…


The last one ok. But I don´t see utility in it. Is the bad guardian. Somebody uses it? What could be a good team with this guardian? I don’t know how we could win when you are loosing troops by yourself.
The bonus is not useful when you depends of casualty of death mark. Must be changed I think.


maybe it should deal ~20-30 damage (link it with the magic it gives, perhaps?) to that troop instead of just killing it


I built a great, super quick Explore team with:

Crimson Bat
Hero w/ crescendo (Archer class, start at 50% mana)
Soothsayer (empowered)
+2 Purple banner

Soothsayer uses his power first turn, focusing on Purple. Then work on more purple if needed until Sacrifice is charged. He kills the Soothsayer but gives everyone else tons of Magic and mana. If he charges himself, use him again (killing himself) but by now everyone else is charged with at least +11 Magic. That’s enough to kill everyone on the opposing team at once by using Crescendo (extra turn if someone dies) and The Bat if anyone’s alive at that point.


I built a fun team with:

GIant Spider
Abyssal Banner

It’s not a fast team, because it lacks strong direct DPS, and you 're generally using Death as your primary damage dealer, but you can often get it to loop really nicely, where Death gets constantly buffed multiple times per turn… (plus Sacrifice cast on a fully Deathmarked enemy team is really satisfying).


but it says it kills an aleatorie troop. Is that real?. Death can also be sacrifice, so I don’t see nothing good on it.
5 troops?


The trick is to play it like this:

  1. Use soothsayer (he is empowered with his 3rd trait) to try and power the giant spider & sacrifice as much as possible
  2. Get Sacrifice powered asap (either with the spider or a gem match)
  3. Use sacrifice to kill the Soothsayer
  4. Use the spider to summon a Spider Swarm into last place & power Sacrifice again
  5. Keep repeating… getting as many extra turns as possible & gradually powering Death to cast

I can quite often get Death casting 2-3 times with the enemy getting VERY few moves… the trick is to never cast Sacrifice unless you’re killing the Soothsayer, OR unless you have a Spider Swarm summoned into the last slot

The danger with this team is that somebody kills the Giant Spider quickly, but usually they don’t get enough turns

Like I said, not a fast team, but a fun one. @polyester’s team is a really good example of a fast team using Sacrifice


but that sounds like always sacrifice the last troop unit. It says aleatorie not the last. If its always the last why did he put that in the card, is confused.


Hmmm… your text says “random”. It sounds to me like our translation is wrong! I’ll go and check it out.


yes random . Sorry again my bad English.

Maybe something wrong with the translation. Aleatorio = Random
As you see is low level because I don’t used yet, because of random casualty.
Thanks all.


giant spider
Soothsayer (empowered)

Because reasons.[quote=“Sirrian, post:8, topic:14216”]
GIant Spider
Abyssal Banner

I would play this, especially because the spider can be a self healing tank.


but without dead mark? maybe not get the all power of the guardian.


I do not normally use the full potential of the guardians and only use them as a means to passively keep me in the game.After looking at my team it should be soothsayer upfront. so
sun and moon
giant spider
Reason is i am using giant spider to fill sacrifice and sun and moon and summon a sacrifice to the skull legion. Sooth uses spell first hits yellow and purple then dies, this activates the third trait of sacrifice boosting sun and moon and giant spider and sacrifice. This means that giant spider summons a bigger baby spider (you know until it caps at your baby spider level in your collection.) This means that sun and moon receive charge so if both sacrifice is ready and so is sun and moon then cast sun and moon to give sac a one shot spell a little extra coverage or use sacrifice to kill itself to put 12 damage on the board through sun and moon. However my love of the weapon is nothing if you chose to go for morthani’s scythe instead.


It was originally going to be Random, then they changed it to last troop. It looks like they missed one of the translations. I’m betting it will be fixed in tomorrow’s data push because you caught it.


Yes I see. Sirrian is working on it I think. I don´t use it at the moment by this “random” casualty.
Now I be able to make teams with it. .
For the Spanish community, is not random.
Thanks all people.


@ONOPALAVER what platform are you playing on?


in pc/mobile.