Still kinda new... feedback\advice on team


Been playing (on PS4) any chance I get since the game came out but still only level 62 (damn work and kids and life getting in the way…lol).

My go-to team is pretty strong but I lack the ability to get into these crazy loops of extra turns. I get absolutely decimated by seemingly weak teams of fairly common cards that can create said loops (frickin’ Rock Worm teams… sheesh).

Current set-up:
Hero (blue mana weapon Knights Sword)
Keeper of Souls (lvl 15) (purple\black)
Goblin (lvl 15) (green)
Sparkgrinder (lvl 15) (yellow\red)

Using the Adana (sp?) banner for red\yellow boost

Basic strategy is power up Sparkgrinder ASAP, boost hero at least once… then look for matches to power up the Keeper and the goblin lands cheap shots whenever possible.

Once the Keeper is ready, I can lay waste to the opposition pretty easily by creating skulls where a 4 or more match will result… usually allowing for at least 3 skull based attacks in a row.

But I’ve been destroyed by the damn loop teams and the Keeper never gets close to being powered up.

I’ve been considering swapping the Rock Worm in for the Goblin… but then I only have one character (hero) that can attack from mana… and I have to rely on skull damage for the rest of my offense… plus a mana conflict with black.

The other option is to use Celestasia (blue\yellow) and switch hero to a green weapon but now I’m back to the mana conflict with yellow and no other mana attackers other than the hero…

Have I missed considering anything? Use Acolyte maybe (purple conflict now tho)?

Thanks for any suggestions or insights.


Well you have the Keeper of Souls, which is one of the best legendaries in the game, especially once you get to the 1.07 and later patches. Do you have any troops that can generate purple or brown mana to feed KoS? A well-placed Soul Strike can one-shot nearly everything in the game. Ideas could include Giant Spider (green/blue) which generates purple, Deep Borer (red/blue) which generates brown. These two troops also don’t compete with KoS. Add in a Skeleton for skull generation and extra turn goodness.

If you’re on PS4 I don’t know if you have the Wild Plains kingdom yet. If you do, it’s well worth pursuing that quest to get Sunweaver (blue/yellow) which is one of the best support units in the game. I have Sunweaver and KoS in one of my teams and it’s really effective, sometimes you just need that little bit of mana boost to active Soul Strike.


Wight does true damage and also generates purple mana if you have that one.


Strategy is wrong :wink:

Don’t worry about the attack boost, change your strategy to always wanting to power up Keeper of Souls first … when he is active, look for a color around skulls that will make a 4 skull match, which gives you another turn …

Due to the excessive skulls the Keeper can make, even the lowest attack units can one shot other opponents with the Keepers ability (so no real need for power up attack) …

I would also change banners to purple / brown so Keeper charges faster & move him to third position for a bit more protection to live longer to create more skulls :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for the feedback.

This is kinda a catch 22. I took your advise and I tried different combinations of mana generators (rock worm --> brown OR Wight --> purple OR Celestasia) but with only a 6 hero attack, it really takes a while to take down the other team, even if the Keeper gets charged up in the first 5 or 6 turns. Overall, the Keeper needs to get used 2 or 3 times to take down the other team.

If I go with the previous strategy, it takes a bit to first charge Sparkgrinder and then the Keeper, but once the Keeper has used his ability, it’s pretty much game over for the other side. Either the Keeper wipes them out entirely, or only one guy is left to be picked off by other mana attacks or an additional Skull match or two.

I guess from an odd’s perspective, the chances of getting that many purple \ brown mana matches with the mana generators (which creates a conflict too since Rock Worm is brown and Wight is blue\purple) isn’t that good as they are random. I have found that the consistency of using the range of mana colors rather than relying on just purple \ brown results in a more reliable game… it goes pretty much the same every time.

With mana generators… sometimes its comical how crazy the extra turn matches get but other games… it’s just bad luck and the enemy steals all of your created mana anyway since it doesn’t favorably create an extra turn match for you.

I’m starting to think that the Keeper of Souls is not a good troop to select if you’re wanting a looping “extra turn” team.

Man… this game is DEEP! lol. So many configurations!