Shadowblade fans, Rejoice!

Hello everyone!

Today, I came here merely to share my endless joy and cheer.
I have finally found a deadly, entertaining and somewhat viable team for Zhul’Kari kingdom troop:


Banner: Frozen (+2Blue,+1Purple,-1Red)

  • Sacrifice
  • Giant Spider
  • Shadowblade
  • Prismatic Orb (Deathknight hero class)

Tactic is simple. Get mana on your Sacrifice and Giant Spider, then sacrifice your Hero. If board is set horribly - just get mana for hero and Orb the Sacrifice to start the loop.
Loop: Sacrifice > Giant Spider > … Get the board right, Blade in the Dark = watch enemy team die one by one without anyone to save them.

Priority colors: Purple > Blue > … > Red

What feels amazing is that you loop until you get the board right, and then utilize the fact that Shadowblade gives up a turn. That gives Death Marks the opportunity to activate. The randomness doesn’t matter. It one-shots.

(Note: Concept works with Crimson Bat as well. Trade of is that you will have to get mana for Bat individually, and he’s a target for silence, web, drain, while Shadowblade is immune to all of it and gets mana from the loop naturally.)

P.S. Don’t forget to avoid using Sacrifice 2 times in a row without Spawning a spider. That might get you into trouble :wink:


Always nice to see new and fresh tactics posted in the boards, thank you! :slight_smile:


Always welcome.

I’m somewhat proud of this one. Have been searching for a viable way to use the troop ever since he came out. And it turned out to become a completely new strategy that works much much better than expected.


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where does the deathmark come from?

Deathknight class.


Got it. Brilliant.

Still waiting for Deathknight on console, so that wasn’t obvious to me from experience.

@Stan it’s not a stupid question by any means.
… I could have pointed that out. It came to me naturally, given that we, PC/Mobile users have been enjoying the class to the fullest, even questioning it’s balance, seeing it on plenty of defend teams.

Yes, as you have probably already figured out. Whole enemy team is death marked when your hero dies. And he dies the moment you cast your Sacrifice as a part of the ability mechanic.
Giant Spider then makes sure you do not “lose” any more troops, only keep sacrificing the spawned.

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That will be slightly less effective due to the deathmark nerf, but it looks like it’s just a nice bonus if the deathmark happens to hit. Shadowblade will just keep getting more and more deadly the longer the match goes on.

Hard to say.

Once Shadowblade gets enough magic to one-shot, he cannot get any more powerful than that, I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯
The thing is that you loop till you get there. You rarely miss a 4or5 match. You do sometimes, or your Spider is not on full mana, but you often cascade your way through anyway.

When it gets to Death Marks - those are there really only for the flavor. A nice addition in the same random fatal manner.

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It’s interesting, but why are you not using Atlanta or Venbarak?

Is it because you love Shadowblade? Cause that’s cool if it is. I’ve got several not fully effective or efficient teams I enjoy. (It includes Pegasus OK.)

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You can usualy loop the most about 5 times in a turn.
Btw try this
DK with its purple class weapon

Let enemy take skulls while you fill mana. When hero is near desth sac him with els. If hero dies you got krys to someone a new punching bag to be sacked :slight_smile:


I’m not using them because the team has more weaknesses. You have to keep whole team alive (and uncountered) for the whole duration of the match, until you win.
With Shadowblade, you need less loops (you ignore armor), and you can let the rest of the team die once you have enough magic. Moreover, Shadowblade is protected for the whole duration thanks to Stealthy.

3 loops is usually enough for me to get enough magic.
TDS with Krys is popular in many scenarios. I’ve seen that one in so many combinations, and actually saw it win by itself (2v4). Making it faster with Hero+Elspeth sounds like a reasonable alternative.
Even though I see some features without synergy in the team, I can see it work nicely.

This team is especially vulnerable to mana drain.
I havn’t won a battle with this team yet when the opposite side has any mana-draining troops (khorvash, spirit fox, faminne…etc) :sweat:

And if Sacrifice dies early, which is very possible since it’s in the 1st spot, the whole combo falls apart real quick…

@Sidousai If your enemy has Spirit Fox - just bait out the cast filling your hero mana. If you avoid going for Purple,Blue and green, you’ll avoid any casualties since your hero will be sacrificed anyway. Once Spirit fox has cast, you’re free to go.
I’m not sure about Khorwash and Faminne. I personally managed to start the loop before they were up quite often. Naturally, those are a problem… But those are a problem for all teams.

If you’re afraid Sacrifice might die - you can buff it up with the hero Orb before the sequence.

What I believe is its worst counter is silence. It’s absolutely true that this team has weaknesses. A random early devour, Psion 1st slot, The Silent One 1st slot… It’s by no means a team to be used in Guild Wars, if you know what I mean.
It’s mostly an extremely entertaining team that works decent (even in PvP for me) and proposes a unique game-style.

And I hoped some of you guys might enjoy it. I’ve been having a blast and I felt it would be a waste not to share it.


All three of them? :wink:
Not to talk your team down, i find it to be the most entertaining sacrifice core team yet.
It is just particularly annoying to play in this weeks meta.

@Gouki Oh, I didn’t realize the question was about Tripple Spirit Fox.
To be honest, I’ve decided to use a team specifically made to counter that team every time I see one. I haven’t tried this one against it. Not even once.
… It has been a huge pain for me even with some meta teams.

If you happen to be against 3x Spirit Fox, don’t bother. Just use your own team :sweat_smile:

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