Any chance on Sacrifice rework please?

i know some ppl would say Sacrifice is not entirely bad troop and has its place in certain kind of teams but i rather disagree,

i think its usefulness and *popularity can be compared to the least useful units in game that are just a little more useful then peasant

i think enough time passed that we could actually pull some numbers behind it so my question is:

@Saltypatra when you guys have some time spare, could you please check how many teams actually use Sacrifice in pvp? - excluding the teams that are obviously designed to loose? (1x sacrifice or 4x sacrifice)

i think that troop deserves some love and a rework to be loopable like other guild guardians


I remember they mentioned all the guardians would be looked at in the future. Part of the hold off, is to see how Courage does with the Bone Dragon Nerf.

Sacrifice really needs help. More on death effects, where there are troops you’d want to sacrifice, would give it major utility.

We don’t really have a way to see what other options they’ll have for us after the Unity migration. So here is hoping they have some cool new on death things planed that will make Sacrifice really interesting, or they rework him. Me, I’m hoping for a batch of summon/sacrifice type reworks to make a whole new style of team.

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I agree.

I’ve tried more than once to build something around sacrifice, but he’s just to “meh” to build around.

The reasons are pretty simple : you sacrifice an ally, meaning you are left with 3 cards. The whole point of Sacrifice is to power up your magic. But Sacrifice doesn’t scale from magic himself, meaning you can only have 2 cards scaling from magic.

With the underwhelming bonus Sacrifice gives, your 2 other troops will probably feel quite less powerful than 4 ennemies.
Not to mention you’ll have restrictions on wich troops you take :

  • should be able to summon units easily
  • should scale well from magic

This narrows down the cards you can build with to something that feels very risky to play, because they probably won’t have the utility you need to combo well.

For instance, there are only two troops I’ve enjoyed playing with Sacrficie : Orb Weaver Hero and Krystenax.
But it’s very risky, any ennemy unit able to Devour your summoner unit can mean a certain defeat.


I love cards which step out of the main line, and sacrifice is wonderful in this category, and I agree she does seriously need help !

TL:DR → What about :

  • Her main spell should NOT kill a unit.
  • Her main spall should continue to boost magic and only magic
  • Her main spell should scale with Disease (or web, or poison) instead of Death marks
  • Her third trait shall do something when an allies dies

This way, sacrifice would greatly benefit teams with Boombots, Black Beast, Sacrificial Priest, the Princess of Silverglade, as well as team using summons as cannonfoders.
Could use with Dolfakkar (summon and use magic for damage), or Venbarak (mass disease, magic scaling aoe damage), …

Why sacrifice = magic boost ?

Justice is offensive life/attack boost (blue loop).
Courage is offensive life/attack boost (skull spams).
Humility sounds like a well-rounder, but is mostly used for magic buff in loop teams (pray for that +magic to land on your aoe guy).
Loyalty and Honor (needs buff) spells like defensive.
And purple color is color of pure magic.
So it feels logical that sacrifice shall remain a magic buffer.

Why not death marks ?

First the debuff is hard to apply : few troops use it, most apply it on a single target (by spell : succubus, or by skulls:wraith, herald).
Second, half the troops applying death marks don’t scale with magic or in a non efficient way (i.e. boost a random stat or give souls). (Penitent)
Death being the exception here (4 marks, magic scaling damage), but it’s a Mythic.

While I agree death marks resounds with sacrifice (own death), I feel it’s more beneficial for the game (gameplay wise) to scale with disease, web or poison.

Why stop killing one’s ally ?

We already have a few troops which core mecanics do kill an ally : black beast, sacrificial priest, that silverglade princess, and they are already quite hard to use due to the sacrifice of going down to 3 for “some” benefit.

I thought it would make more sense to have Sacrifice encourages sacrifying troops instead of killing them himself. In addition, she would find ways in non-sacrificial teams, especially teams summoning weak troops to get skull-crushed by the opponent.

However, Black beast and Princess Elsphet do not scale with magic :frowning:


And for me, the only Sacrifice team I enjoyed playing is this: Giant Spider, Daemonicon/Hero, Death, and Sacrifice.
The magic gain on other allies is boosted by enemies with death mark by 4x. Once Sacrifice is gone, I have a blank spot to summon a random daemon using Daemonicon.

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I’d try that but I don’t have death.

Sacrifice needs looking at though, I’d definitely agree with that.

All the guardians will be getting a review soon, this will include Sacrifice.


i agree

i think id like Sacrifice spell to change into something like this:

Arcane Surge (13 Purple)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Purple and a chosen type. Death mark 2 random allies and deal [(Magic / 2) +1] damage to two random allies. All other allies gain [(Magic / 2) + 1] Magic, boosted by Death Marked enemies. [4x] by my empty team slots. [3x]

and i wouldnt touch Sacrifice trait until we see how it works with the spell :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care about Sacrifice I just want a Courage nerf.

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The Guardian troop Sacrifice is very unused, very unpopular. I think, it originates from the fact, that a sacrifice doesn’t compensate the lost troop.
The mythic trait of Sacrifice give two attack and two magic from every lost allies? It’s ridiculous!
Here need more, that the players use Sacrifice at all.

I suggest to change the third trait of Sacrifice:

Virtue of sacrifice: All allies share the attributes of the dead, when an ally dies.

So the Life, Armor, Attack and Magic of the dead will be distributed among the survivors, according to a method, like everyone gets equally from everything, or one full attribute goes to one troop randomly, or like this…
If this would prove to be too strong, instead of all the attributes, only 2-3 choices could be allocated, or the value of attributes could be distributed with some proportion, like 2:1 or 3:1.

Maybe, this change can bestow some ‘usefulness’ to the unworthily neglected Sacrifice.

cannibalism :scream:

The troops in the Sacrifice’s team will not die in vain.