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Woooooo whats happened to gold in pvp?

for weeks… months even for a 3 trophy match against top players I was getting 1900 almost every time, since the reset this week the most is around 1500
even 2 match fights used to be 1300ish now down to 900!! infact little or no difference to 1 trophy battles…
so I ask… where has the gold gone?

Did you change amor or something? Gold rewards are still the same for me.

Did you change guild?

As you gain levels and level your Kingdoms, increasing your Power Level of teams, you become closer in power to those 3 trophy opponents. The gold is based on the disparity. Since there is less difference between you and them, there is less gold.

Some players actually keep their kingdoms at level 9 to maintain a higher farmable gold rate… I don’t advise this, but it is an option. :wink:


Lots of things affect the gold you get, and since the game doesn’t give you a breakdown you have no way to tell if what’s working is intentional or a bug.

Things that affect gold drops:

  • The level of the opponent you fight vs. your level: if you are high enough level you start to get less gold than you did before. It’s a feature!
  • Apparently your kingdom levels can affect gold. Benefits to progress!
  • Gold varies per game via a mysterious, hidden algorithm. You could be fighting in matches worth less gold.
  • The guild you are in can confer bonuses, if you switch guilds it might change.
  • You might have bought an expiring bonus like Ring of Wonder that expired.
  • You might have switched armor on purpose.
  • A bug might have changed your armor.
  • A bug might be taking away your gold.

Good luck getting confirmation or any explanation. No one but a dev can tell you how much gold you should be getting per fight.

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no same guild, will check kingdom and armour but sure they the same.

Raising a kingdom to 10 lowers the pvp gold.

I edited that in.

What a weird mechanic.

Not really, though… I mean yes, it can, but thats a gross oversimplification and is probably not a factor here.

Short version: One component is based on how “strong” you are, period, and goes up the more score bonus you accumulate. This also includes your minimum gold payout, which goes up a ton between early and midgame. Another is based on how “strong” you are relative to your opponent (your score bonuses versus the defense team’s score) and accumulating more score makes this component go down for a given opponent. By endgame, you are barely influencing the former anymore, but you cut further into the latter. (At the same time, everyone else at endgame also gains similar score bonuses, but there is also a bug where defense team scores shown are based on the Adobe formula, where everywhere else they use the Unity formula, and I’m not sure which gets used for gold at this point).

I recently played some PvP on my low level account and noticed a similar reduction in payouts for my lower level battles, but I also noted that the teams I was facing for the one and trophy battles were actually appropriate matchmaking instead of being near-maxed endgame teams across the board. In fact, the first set of battles I played had my one trophy battle at 8900 team score, and every other team higher. This is for an account that has minimal score bonuses (a maxed out team is in mid 7ks score range, and the normal teams I use to invade with are mid high 6ks). Now, I’m consistently seeing 4500 to 6k in my one trophy like I should be. I’m also seeing less 9k+ outliers on my three trophy. Obviously, I get a much higher payout for the higher score battles, so when I look at my payout spread taken out of context that the battles are also much closer to my score range, it looks much worse.

As an example, heres what I was offered before doing any battles today:

And heres the next one I was offered:

And heres the next one:

For reference, here is the highest possible score team I can make - 2 fully traited legendaries and 2 fully traited mythics (I don’t use this team, its to measure my score threshold):

Note that the gold payouts don’t get that much lower below this score threshold, but I get a huge jump in payout as I trend toward and surpass that threshold.

If you haven’t done anything that recently massively changed your score bonuses (changed guilds, leveled a dozen kingdoms), this is most likely what you are seeing - different matchmaking.


Oooo so log in today do my invasion go on pvp and its back to 1900 3 trophy against top players 2 trophys now 13-1500 again and 1 trophy under 1000. So for a few days the devs have robbed me it seems for no reason, just chuck 50000 gems my way and we can forget about it :wink: