Less gold than before, for PvP wins?

I’ve averaged 5K+ gold for hard matches in PvP since I started playing again. When I got on tonight, the most I was getting for the same kind of matches was 3K+ … What’s going on?

Get used to it, the farther you progress in the game, the less it gives you.

I get around 2k per match now on the hardest of matches


The gold you get depends on a number of factors, but in general, you get more gold when the opponent you are facing has a higher-rated team than you. The higher your level gets, the more rare it is to get high-paying options.

Is there any chance you switched armors or something? Sometimes I’ll switch from Dragon to Celestial armor when I’m soul farming and forget to switch back. Outside of that, nothing dramatic should have changed.

Once you reach a certain level, the max gold you can get per PvP win drops considerably. I am guessing you may have reached this point now. Assuming you are still using the same armour too.

i have dead armour and level 5 VIP i can’t get more than 3k reward after a fight on pvp i always choose stronger opponents but i see every same opponent after 4 rounds

Yeah, I am VIP 5 too, level 1000+, Deathknight armour gives me at most 3-3.5k gold for the third choice in PvP, same opponents there a lot of the time too :neutral_face:

Thanks for the replies. Whatever made it do that, must have fixed itself - I’m getting normal gold like I did before.

I have had less gold for PvP since the update. Most I have seen an opponent give me After battle was 3800.
I find this a little ridiculous tbh. I just don’t get it guys.
My brother is 35 levels above me but plays PC only. He can fight people whose power level is about 500 less then his and still get 5K+ per battle. Shit, I can fight people with more or less power rating then me and still not get anything over 3800.
Little frustrated by this

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There’s no way he’s getting 5K out of opponents 500 points below him. If anything, the power level recalculations they did in the update made things better. I’m getting 3000-3500 now for really tough battles whereas before I couldn get over 2500 for months.

I’m sorry its not my account so can’t take screen shot but 5k is average amount he earns. His power rating is high. Around 8800.
Lost count how many battles I have seen him have that awarded 5k+ for an opponent at around 8200-8300 power level.
VIP 12 maybe the difference… Shrugs

Yeah, VIP 12 has to be the difference. I’m only VIP 6.

Not to sound stupid but I’d actually see if you have the proper armor equipped. Since they updated the whole appearance thing its easy to forget just because your wearing the proper armor doesn’t mean its equipped. I have found a couple of times that when I checked the armor tab I wasn’t on my DK armor and once I put it back my gold bonus was back up. Without DK I constantly pulldown around 3600, with DK its around 5500.

Yeah I’m wearing the correct armor. Gold is all about power levels.