Where has all the gold gone?

Has anyone else noticed the drop in gold amounts in PVP this week, I used to get around 1k more gold per match?, anyone know any reason why? Several of my guild mates and I were wondering.

Did you join a top guild or a better one at the least.

yes I did, I take it that the more a guild moves up the less old you make?

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Correct, you revive a Gold penalty based on either Guild level or Total Guardian Levels (not sure which one but the effect is the same no matter).

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thanks a lot for your answer

Masteries increase your optimal rating, which comparatively lowers the rewards from PvP.

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Short answer yes. In higher guilds who have higher leveled sentinels which gives you more bonuses like more turns on treasure maps, more glory in PvP fights, and ironically a higher gold multiplier also can give bonus stats for completing tasks.

This combines to give your PvP team a higher score (meaning they’re stronger). This will lower the amount of gold each fight is worth and even with the better multiplier, is still lower than being guildless.


This is a nice, complete answer. @Saltypatra Can we please get some consideration for increasing guild gold bonuses to remove this “guild penalty”? Thanks!

I believe the team stated that PvP will be a focus after this next big update and some other issues are smoothed out.

Gold is based on the score differential of your top potential score (or your total global score bonus) and the score of the defense team you are fighting. Guild statue levels and completed weekly task colors play a factor in this, but are not the only deciding factor.


But how would the OP in this particular case change those other variables so drastically and rapidly from just a few days ago to lower the Gold payout consistently?

The OP said that he joined a better guild, so probably got a bunch of mastery bonuses and statue bonuses that he wasn’t getting before. That’s about as drastic a change as you can make.

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It probably wouldn’t, just a clarification. There is no “guild penalty” specifically, it is a consequence of the way the score bonuses and gold formula are designed. Specifically, you get a significant bonus to your payouts for fighting players “above” you and when you are at or near the ceiling, there is nobody “above” you to give you this additional gold bonus. Your average, minimum, and maximum payouts actually all go up as your score bonus increases, but because of the component of the formula that measures difference, less and less players meet the criteria for being “above” you and this your effective maximum payout actually goes down.

Letting a single task lapse in my guild while keeping all other variables pretty much the same increases my effective maximum payout by about 200 gold within the same guild, but lowers my minimum payout by about 13 gold if I remember correctly, and the ‘average’ would follow suit. Finishing multiple tasks earlier than normal period in the week and thus giving yourself almost 1000 more score points could also immediately and drastically alter how much gold you are getting.


My question was to Mitheran and was 99% rhetorical, 1% just in case I might be missing something…

Edit: @Mithran thanks for the detailed info on your findings when testing this.

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