Witch Way?

This is actually a really key point that gives me an idea. Currently, journey battles have a small chance to give a small boost to a random(-ish, since it’s weighted against magic, clearly) skill. So, the stats CAN scale up as you progress through the event. The reason this isn’t particularly helpful is that the current system has two major flaws:

  1. The stat boosts aren’t common enough. Most battles give no boost at all, and when a battle does offer a stat boost, it often comes at the expense of miles - which are the main objective of battles, meaning the choice is largely unfair - so doesn’t get chosen.
  2. The stat boosts are too small. An extra +4 attack every single battle would still not match the scaling in enemy defence (life and armour) that happens after each battle, and an extra +6 life or armour would still not match the scaling in enemy attack that happens after every single battle, and if you ever get it, an extra +2 magic would still not match enemy scaling either. The enemy gets stronger faster than allied troops, even if allies were gaining boosts every time.

So the game forces you to choose between helping get more points to earn rewards for the guild or getting small bonuses to your stats in order to progress further in the event, which isn’t a bad system, except that the stat boosts are too small for the choice to pick stats over points to be viable, and the choice is too restricted.

I’d suggest that the best way to fix the event, as part of a re-design, would be to lean into the stat boost system. So, here’s my advice to the devs:

  1. Have every single battle give a stat boost when you win. That way, it doesn’t matter which battles you pick, you keep increasing in power and can progress further in the event even with enemy scaling.
  2. Make the stat boosts bigger, so that getting them allows you to keep up better with the enemy scaling. If the enemy troops are getting a boost to all four skills after every battle and we’re only getting a boost to one, the amounts being boosted can be similar, and we’ll still eventually be outmatched, but we get a better chance.
  3. Decide what the choice represents and lean into that. So, right now you choose between higher miles and faster scaling or less miles and less scaling, but there’s no real incentive to choose “less miles and less scaling”, because it just means more fights to get the same rewards, and we’re given hard limits to how many fights we can do (without buying more). Either the choice should be between
  • less miles and bigger stat boosts (say 25% less miles gives 50% more of a stat boost) vs more miles and less stat boosts,
    OR it should be between
  • less miles and better stat boosts (say the lower value choices give a 25% chance of life, 25% chance of armour, 25% chance of attack and 25% chance of magic) vs more miles and worse stat boosts (say 40% chance of life, 40% chance of armour, 10% chance of attack and 10% chance of magic).
    And then the boss battles give double the rewards for higher enemy scaling. Picking the lower value of miles can still give less scaling, but there needs to be a better reward for picking that. This would give an actual incentive to pick lower value battles, but not so much that it becomes a better option than higher value battles - the key would be getting to a point were players feel that both are good options some of the time.
  1. Do NOT raise the values for reward tiers. As has been said, this mode should be fun and it’s actually a slog, so wait and see how far guilds actually get once you’ve re-designed the mode and what level of rewards they get compared to level of purchase in the shops. If players are doing too well, it can be adjusted a little, later on, but let them have some fun and feel rewarded in a mode for a bit, while you dial in the changes.
  2. Fix the pathfinder. Give it more damage to balance the riskiness of using it, or else change it’s third trait. You can already make it an “event captain” so that players get a bonus to scoring when using it, so just do that and make the third trait do something else during the event, more in line with godslayer and siegebreaker, in that they make the troop more powerful during their event. I’d love for them to generate more gems in their own event, but failing that how about having them gain 2x/2.5x/3x the stat boosts for any stat boost bonuses gained during the event. That way, they scale faster than the other troops we can use, making them far more usable the further into the event players progress. Instead of a bigger and bigger liability, like they are now.
  3. Make the changes and engage with players regarding how they feel about them, not just looking at the data of how many players spend in the event. If players feel frustrated by the mode, they’re more likely to stop spending later, and maybe even stop playing eventually (the mode, or even the whole game). Be aware what it feels like to play the thing you’re building.
  4. Communicate with players. Let them know what you’re doing and when it’s likely to happen, like with the PvP changes. Players who feel like they’re being listened to and spoken to with respect will be a lot happier and more willing to put up with small issues.

I really hope that helps, because right now Journey is ruined and needs major work. Without it, engagement with the mode is just going to keep getting worse.


This is definitely an issue. It’s technically an issue in all events since they were “expanded.” It’s just in the other events you can lose 3 out of 4 troops and take 12 million turns, and as long as you win, you’re fine. But I’ve noticed having to hit bosses (in raid) or towers (in invasion) twice, at a point way earlier in the event, now. Not a huge deal in those events, other than taking more time (ANNOYING!).

Again, this is true in every event (other than Raid.) It’s just worse in Journey.

My personal issue with the current state of Journey, is that so far I have not been able to get through the first day of the event without losing a mile. That just feels off for day one, at my point in the game. :woman_shrugging:

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Journey is a boring event. You know what players want? Not being penalized for taking too many turns when the troops provided can’t meet these restrictions. No one cares about how quickly enemies scale when it’s literally impossible to gain the max points at higher levels.


For comparison, Tower of Doom. If you don’t get the Unlock Scroll, you’re most likely getting a scroll towards a stat buff which is shared across your whole Guild.

If the stat bonuses in Journey were also shared across the Guild, that might alleviate some of the complaints.


Yeah, and that would encourage team co-operation and communication, like ToD (usually) does. Good idea. =]
Having the stat boosts shared across the team would be better because it would mean that the more players you have helping in the event, the bigger the boost you all get, and the further you can progress individually.

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I like this idea. Guild events should encourage guilds to communicate and cooperate with each other to receive all the rewards. As a result, sharing the stat boosts with the whole guild would help a lot.

I also believe there should be stat boots boosts after every battle, because it should benefit players to get a stat increase, not cost them miles. If stat boosts were increased, occurred after every battle, and shared by the whole guild, the harder levels would be less of a problem and players would feel better about having to purchase more tiers.

It would also be easier to argue there’s a financial incentive for purchasing more tiers.

So far, with Journey in its current state, players can only make so much progress before buying more gems isn’t the answer. If you can’t win any battles, there’s no reason to bother with extra tiers. You’re just unable to win further battles.


Wouldn’t it be easier for them to just give the journey troop a ×5 magic stat only during the journey event? They could also make the final pathfinder trait increase miles traveled to ×3,×4, and ×5 miles to make scoring during the event easier. That way, it could at least try to defeat the biggest threat and not be useless.

Unless the troop can loop into itself, it’s not going to be useful and more often than not, the enemy team takes multiple 4-5 matches after u cast it. Or maybe they can change the gem spawn to something like deathclaw and explode gems based off the number of troop type allies?

This event has turned into one of the most rewarding events with deed books, but this event also shows how the game mode scales enemy levels way too high to be anything but fun.

Too many gems have been wasted and it needs to stop.


I originally posted this in the wrong place

journey blows … 10 turn limit, absurd scaling and now ****** summons… bin the damn game mode and be more inventive


It’s also a joke to the scoring when the enemy team has any type of summons which just prolongs the battles.


Since pathfinder’s spell doesn’t scale, the turn limit need to scale with enemy’s ever-increasing level. For example, +1 turn limit for every 10 battles.


I haven’t noticed a significant difference between last Journey and this Journey. Given the change that was announced, it’s a nice start, but my feelings didn’t change and I must be upfront. I recall that the change was initially described to be a small one and was never indicated to be major. This lines up with the change that was announced here.

Although I understand not wanting to move too quickly with changes, is it within respectful grounds to suggest that a different approach is required to fix Journey?

The scoring thresholds are unreasonable to many players and I agree. This needs to be addressed and decreasing the difficulty by 10% while retaining the same scoring system doesn’t produce a significantly different player experience. I’m certain that I cannot possibly be the only person that feels this way.

The turn limit being removed would be nice, but I actually think we should get more miles per battle. If there’s going to be a penalty, the increase in miles overall would reduce the harm of being penalized.

Keep in mind that increasing the amount of miles earned per battle does not guarantee that completing stage 16 will be an easy task. Something can be a challenge while still being within realistic reach.

I’d also like to bring up another problem: the pathfinder needs to become useful again. I like the art for the current Journey troop, but he’s otherwise not that great. We don’t need constant looping for a pathfinder to be good for their event.

I purchased 6 tiers. Is there a reason that me doing this didn’t reflect in the score that I ended up with? Yes, actually. I lost battles and valravens. The only troops I’m missing are locked behind RNG. At my level, I have the right troops to bring into battle, but I don’t understand why there’s so much insistence on Journey remaining so difficult. Again, it can be a challenge without being insufferable and frustrating.

As a guild event, perhaps there should be more of an incentive for collecting the stat bonuses. I specifically like the idea that one player mentioned that the stat bonuses could apply to the entire guild and this would make Journey much less of a pain to complete. Unfortunately, because selecting the stat boosts often results in losing miles, I’m not sure how this would go in practice.

I suspect there is some miscommunication taking place here. It’s important to stress that players have limits. They cannot just purchase more gems and that’ll be enough to close all stages.

For Journey to be completed by the top guilds, we need to be heard and listened to. Players don’t always know best so I get it. However, our feedback has been ignored for so long that veterans have quit and new players have no incentive to stick around. I find this to be problematic as a player and wish to see the game continue to grow and be successful.

Please understand that my words are not an attack and I’m not an accurate judge of how things are going behind-the-scenes. This change is upsetting to see, but I do think there is an attempt being made to repair the mode. It’s just not enough for the player base as a whole to see a meaningful shift in difficulty.

Additionally, I’m concerned about the overall well-being of the game and its players. I find this change to be another reason that this concern is justified.

Perhaps it would be easier if all top guilds went for Stage 12 and ignored the later stages altogether from now on.


Journey is just a game mode designed penalise the players.

  1. Large gem cost to get rewards.
  2. Forced troop usage which now can be dangerous to use.
  3. Enemy increases in power, you don’t (meaningfully).
  4. Miles or Stats. Over 100 battles and no magic on highest miles battles.
  5. Penalised for taking too many turns so we get enemies that can summon

As expected we didn’t finish Journey again. 2nd event ever with the previous event being the 1st. :pleading_face:


We didn’t finish, I didn’t push it.

It’s not enough.

Journey needs an overhaul.