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Wins counted as losses

I am tired of my wins counting as loses in pvp. This has been happening far too often,especially as of late. If this were to happen in guild wars (which it has),then my guild would lose significant points. Why this bothers me: First,I lose gold,and glory that I should have gained. Second,It makes me think,and somehow have suspected that the matches are rigged,and you’re programmed to lose a match every so often when fighting a player of equal or more stats as your own,meaning of course I won’t lose to a player who is level 100 if i’m level 1000+ so if I continually fight those lower level players defense doubtful i’d lose any,but the game does recognize equal players levels,and every so often the program deems my loss no matter what,even if I win. If that’s not the case then it’s still a bug that has been in the game for far to long,and should keep being addressed until it’s fixed.


You don’t lose gold. You just don’t get it counted as a win.

I too am sick of tired of losing and this week has been the worse ever. The same support agent doesnt help and closes my tickets as solved when they are not. I have spent way too much money on this game vip12. If i was a new player and this happened id uninstall in a heartbeat. Ive told them i lose my match when im attacked in pvp in the middle of my match and they dont listen. My complaints always falls on deaf ears so I feel your pain .

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I too am sick of this particular bug. You clearly win in pvp and it records it as a loss. In my instances including today its after a complete comprehensive win with no loss of troop cards on my side. The fact I was testing out a Naga team for pvp only added to my frustration that this bug occurred again. Frustrated players become unhappy players. Unhappy players don’t share the really good things about the game. Fix this bug so we can celebrate the game not keep complaining about something we shouldn’t have to keep complaining about.

I am tired and i am sick of the amount of bugs and glitches in this game to. Played the first day of Guild Wars,battle number 5,4-0 so far and i win on the last one and … nothing… It is still my turn (but i cant do nothing,i clicked on Krys but that the game stoped) with all opponents cards dead.
Only thing i could do is to close the game and ofc i got the lose. I just can’t anymore. This is not the first time,this happened xxxx times so far…

During the Guild wars, instead of victory, forfeited and did not give victory points. Although in PvP report is worth victory. Please earn victory points.

I restarted gems and did guild wars 5-0. I then did pvp and won but lost match. my tickets go back to December for this issue but every time I fill out a new one they act its the 1st time they heard about it lol.

I finally managed to obtain some proof today as the rewards looked odd after winning the match.
Otherwise it would’ve gone unnoticed like the other ones i missed so far.



It claims victory but gave the same amount of xp and souls for a normal win with a traitstone but less gold, no pvp points, no glory and no trophies.

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We’ve found a work around for this issue while we work on a final solution for the problem:

Play a PVP battle before you do anything else when you open the game. This should prevent PVP battles counting as losses for this particular issue.

Did you open the PVP menu and check the opponent’s team, leave and player another gamemode, then come back and fight the same opponent?

What gamemodes did you play before the battle began?

@XINDIANAX we have handled thousands of support requests since December so I apologise if we have started the conversation again like it’s the first time you’ve written to us. However, we do ask for further information each time to help us gather data for the bug report to help us solve the issue.

@Kafka can you clarify and explain? I hate this bug especially in Guild Wars! Is there a workaround?


Unfortunately, the Guild Wars counting as Losses is a different issue, with multiple causes. Some have already been fixed, others we’re still investigating and some are totally out of our hands (ie, if you have a connection issue your win might count as a loss, or if you leave the game open instead of finishing the battle straight away it might time out).

More info about GW battles counting as losses can be found here:
Guild Wars Battles Counted as Losses


The guild wars bugs and crashes is where it hurts the most as effects your guild too. I’ve grown tired of it now and decided to leave bracket 1 so it doesn’t hinder others. There is only so much you can take before you grow tired of it and hopefully it will be fixed one day. I enjoy the game but lost all faith in guild wars.

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Lol You closed my ticket like 2 days before i created this new one. 6 months and this is not resolved yet. You all keep coming out with new content but yet cant fix this issue and that makes no sense . I have done all i can do in helping you out. I sent numerous videos (my whole xbox dvr) and nothing. Honestly the videos i sent have 0 views lol. You didnt even view them. I understand this game needs money to survive but winning a battle and it being counted as a loss is going to make people not play this game

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Oh yeah. They truly do care about us… as open wallets and that’s about it. They also think you/us won’t notice that fact

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This does not work!!! . I rebooted did 1 pvp match and then 5 guild war battles and as soon as returned to pvp i won and lost the match. Back to the drawing board . The current loss was a result of being attacked while playing my battle. You need to test doing a pvp battle while getting attacked at the same time Thanks .

This is getting really annoying. I was doing pvp then someone triggered a pet rescue so I did that and then went back to pvp won my revenge battle and it counted as a loss.

Unfortunately I don’t think this will ever be fixed

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They only seem to care about adding in more gem sinks. Not fixing major bugs that have been getting worse with each update… come on already. Had this happen today again in wars.


One of my guys has had 3 ‘internal error’ messages in gw after winning his battles then they’ve counted as a loss. 2 others have had it once this week - how in the hell is this fair to anyone in any guild never mind the top brackets??? I’m already one player down & if this costs us our bracket 1 position how does any amount of compensation fix it?

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They don’t care. You lost gems. That is what matters.