Win Streak Needs a Reset

I just got my first lose this week and figured I use the force exit glitch on it, at which point I noticed it has finally been fixed. That is good. :slight_smile:

The main problem now is that the win streak on many peoples’ profile is not accurate. There are many people with a highest win streak in the 1,000s, yet have double digit loses in less than 1,000. Now that people can’t glitch it, I feel like all “Longest Win Streak” should be reset in order to get accurate data for the highest win streak on every player.


IMHO they should have been reset when 2.0 went live. I have no problem with tossing the pre-2.0 data, but someone who has made two perfect runs to Tier 1 in the last two weeks and has a post-2,0 record of, say, 57-0 shouldn’t lose that.

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It has only been a little over a week since the patch. It still isn’t too late to just purge it all. It should have been done with 2.0 as you mentioned, but this glitch wasn’t fixed then, so it would have just happened again. Now that it is fixed, it is the perfect time to reset it. There is no way to exploit it and 2.0 is still very recent. Anything longer than another week or 2 would be too late to try to mass reset something like this, but now is still early enough that no one would really mind the reset.

That’s all well and good for you and me, but there are bound to be some lower-level players who don’t know anything about the glitch who might get legitimately ticked off.

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Could always just do a gift mail to everyone saying something along the lines of “All win streaks have been reset due to an exploit. Here is our bribe to keep you happy and not complain about the actions we just did.” Yeah… something like that. :stuck_out_tongue: Lower-level players are also more appreciative of mail gifts like that since it proportionally effects their resources a lot more.

Ideally, the devs will just completely reset profiles once everything with them is fixed. Right now it is impossible to lose a defend…

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Why should the devs spend work cycles on resetting win streaks?? How would they know who had legit ones from pre-2.0 or not?


There are two options:

  1. people don’t care about these numbers, in which case there is no problem resetting it, but there is no reason to either. I mean, so what if someone has an unjustified streak? These are just numbers nobody cares about, right?

  2. people do care about these numbers, in which case you can’t reset without upsetting a lot of people who may have worked very hard to get to their current streak.


At that time the quit was recorded as loss but did not influence the streak, that change is more recent so reset should have happened in the same patch. Still not too late and better not waiting more. I’d suggest to reset that stat when current event ends.

Sure they should reset it but only after they completely fix PvP. As for now they are still bugs, like all defenses shown as wins.

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to catch up here. What is the problem with a possibly inaccurate win streak?

Summary: people used an exploit to embellish their winning streaks. Since this exploit is no longer available, streaks should be reset to show the “real” numbers.

Pretty sure he got that. The question was: So what?

This number is not significant for anything. There’s no reward, and no leaderboard either. The only way to see it is opening the user card, so even if you get the highest ever streak (by cheating or otherwise), hardly anyone will ever see it, if at all. And even when someone sees it, they have no way to know if it’s considered high, without an easy way to compare it to the rest of the playerbase.


Well duh. The whole game revolves about seeing and be seen and while I do share the notion that winning streaks don’t really affect or interest me, there are people who feel otherwise. If he really posted with the only intend of saying “so what?” that’s kinda counter-productive.

But the people who do care, will probably care more for their own streak resetting than for some other random people having an inaccurate one (that’s especially true since there are no leaderboards or any other convenient method to track other people’s stats).

Hmm. Well, I didn’t actually say “so what,” (though I sure thought and think it). I tried to be a little more constructive by actually asking for some clarification. I don’t understand why people would waste effort arguing for something that appears to be so meaningless. I would like someone to explain why it is not meaningless…

…because that’s my take.

Well, since this is a game you could break down every aspect of it to being meaningless. Your point is that it is not significant for the game since it doesn’t give any stats or rewards. My point is: I once visited my uncle and played a game of solitaire on his pc. I lost and thought “meh, shit happens” but upon seeing my loss my uncle sighed: “now I have to reset everything”. I hope this example makes this somewhat clearer to you - in the end it all comes down to personal preferences.

Exactly. The win streak may be important to the person who has it for personal gratification reasons. So what does it hurt if it’s not an accurate number? An argument to reset is like forcing your uncle to reset his solitaire game under the assumption that he may have been actually losing a game when the power went out so the number displayed was not accurate anyway.

The “so what?” part is why are we worrying about other player’s win streaks?

Well let’s say my uncle has friends who also play solitaire and he visits them from time to time. They look at each others scores and sometimes compliment on how they are doing. One of his friends also has a nephew who frequently loses him games but he has a method to let those losses not be shown. Upon finding this out, how should my uncle react?

Wow. I’m not even sure what to say to that. But a couple things spring to mind:

  1. If it’s nephew who loses the solitaire games, than uncle (or aunt, you didn’t specify gender of friends) still has an accurate tally of his or her wins.

  2. Uncle should say “Congratulations!” if the score is higher than his and “Keep on trying!” if the score is lower.

this seems like a very small thing of competition to see who is top dog, much bigger bugs that need fixed IMO