PVP Win Counting As A Loss!

"Dear Sir or Madam,
Still experiencing the following problem for these accounts: T666SJA, T666AWA, T666YPR & T666AEM* (*temporarily not in our Guild).
Fighting & winning a PVP game, receiving win bounty but, recorded as a loss and spoiling stats and ending win-streaks!!
A pattern is emerging. In PVP menu, about to press “Fight”, the team i want to use is not selected. I leave the menu & fight an explore battle with the team I want to use in PVP so that, when I go back to PVP, the correct team is auto selected (I started doing this convoluted method because I found that, if I changed the team in the pre pvp fight menu, I would win, then have it record as a loss. Going the long way around seemed to stop the glitch, but it hasn’t).
I have submitted umpteen tickets regarding this glitch stretching back several months. (For some reason, the last x2 tickets sent from my Xbox, have ended up being received by the Technical Dept who have emailed back saying to “submit through forum” - which is the same screen I submit them through on my Xbox!! …and YES, I do select the correct category, not the Technical one.)
This glitch ended a win-streak of 307 for T666YPR last week and has now ended the win-streak for T666AWA.
I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. The game has stats, goody, I like having nice stats. I try my hardest to achieve good stats. Hard work, many hours and much effort spent trying to achieve good stats. Surviving Guild Wars all week, lossless, to increase my win-streak, very difficult Then there is this glitch that turns it all to s**t!!
It is an even bigger PITA to have to keep telling you that it is a PITA!!
Also, the compo is offensive. I can get that sort of “bounty” in just a few games of PVP or Explore. Don’t send that poxy compo, instead - pretty please with sugar on the top - SORT OUT THE ******* GLITCH! …as Mr Wolf might say, if he played GoW. In fact, he would prolly swear a lot more than I do and more often.


(I’m just pasting what I’ve submitted tickets for that used to be actioned but now seem to go to “Technical Dept” for some reason and have no longer been actioned.)

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Technical told me to post here. Now I have and nobody, Devs or otherwise, have replied!???


My guess is because it’s been a known issue for a long time. The “bug report” category (which is confusing when “Support” also exists) includes a template that would’ve asked you to check that before posting. In general there’s a burst of acknowledgements of these threads about once a week, but if we keep bumping this one it’s more likely to get an answer.

But, short story: it’s a known issue that has had an attempted fix in one update so far yet still lingers.

Thx for the reply Sly. Guess I won’t be trying for decent stats/winstreaks anytime soon then lol.
Navigating a forum is not how I used to report bugs/errors/glitches for GoW. Simply writing a “Ticket” was far easier and less of a headache. :dizzy_face: