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Force Exit Still Works

I just lost for the 2nd time this patch, but decided to try the old force exit trick rather than letting it play out. It still works…

All force exit does now is reduce the PvP points. This means people can dodge loses showing up on their profile as well as preserve their win streak. Win streaks in general really need to be reset to 0 whenever this is finally fixed because a lot of people have fake streaks in the 1,000s. @Sirrian @Nimhain @Andrew


Isn’t the win streak essentially cosmetic though? If you’re still losing PVP points, then that’s the important part, no?

EDIT: Not saying that this doesn’t need fixing, just making sure I understand the system correctly.

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It is fully cosmetic, but it makes the win/lose profiles pointless. When someone does it to dodge a defend lose, the defender doesn’t get a recorded win for it either. I had 7 defend wins in a row that didn’t end up recording a single one. I went from 8 to still 8, so assumibly they all dodged. It doesn’t matter for the ranking system, but it makes “cheating” on profiles extremely easy.

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I agree with @Tacet. It’s still not possible to tell whether you’re defense team is successful or not. The numbers are crazily skewed.

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Actually this was fixed just before you posted this, about 20 minutes ago. Shouldn’t be possible now.

EDIT: Sorry, that was the PvP points exploit. The win streak problem still exists and we’re looking into that.


Yeah. You may want to consider a complete win/lose and win streak overhaul when you do it. Currently, anyone can dodge any form of recorded lose. These screenshots I just took were taken 1 after another showing no recorded lose and no win streak break. Profile statistics basically mean nothing in the current state of the game.

There is also a problem with the bottom numbers displaying correctly, but that is a completely different issue. I would just highly suggest a complete stats reset whenever all of this is finally fixed.

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About that, are you sure these “defense victories” were not loss?
This screen keeps showing me
X victories
0 losses,
Yet my loss counter keep going up faster than my win counter, wich seems rather reasonable considering how flawed is the AI’s strategy.

So I think this screen is currently bugged and unreliable…

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There is some bug on the reporting screen, I just posted some screenshots in the Known Issues thread showing disparities between the top three people on the leader board and their profiles. It seems that only Invade Wins are being shown successfully.

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My observations are the same as @tacet’s. Force quit just loses PVP points, but does not register as a loss.

I last used it this morning, and before and after closing the app, my invade loss number was 3.