Why would I ever NOT use the looping Kraken team?

So, I like my match 3 games. The strategy involved in them to make the best possible moves in the shortest amount of time to complete the stage.

As we know, with Gemzies, we gotta kill a bunch of cute little monsters on the other team. So here’s the deal:

If I use ANYTHING other than the Kraken/Troll/Mab team, I feel like I’m wasting my time. Sure, Psion and Famine can occasionally conquer that team, but it’s all RNG based. My battles have been as follows.

Battle starts> swipe a random mismatch on purpose so the game points me to the closest 4 or Troll charge> charge troll> loop loop,> swipe some more so I don’t have to look for a 4> loop loop> oops killed the one who can’t be devoured> devour everything else.

ANY other team in the game, and I mean ANY, that I use, is WORTHLESS. I feel like I’m playing against RNG more than a match 3 game.

So yah, I’ve got just about everything in this game troop wise, and if it’s all RNG based, why, oh PLEASE TELL ME WHY, would I not use the looping Kraken/Troll team and hope for the best, vs trying my best with some team that’s either going to get looped or eaten to death?



Well i think it’s more rewarding to win with a team i made of my own


I’d argue that it is way more work than it is worth considering every battle pays out with nearly identical rewards except for soul farming, which is a 3-5 move grind in Explore vs actually paying attention and losing anyways in PVP. :confused:

Well it depend of your skill to build good team :slight_smile:

I personally got 3 team i switch them depending of opponent team and got great results. And the game are not longer then if i use that team

Also i don’t like to do same then everyone else

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Skill to build a good team doesn’t matter to RNG.

What, pray tell, is this “good team” you’re using that I have somehow overlooked?

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Of course a bad starting board can happen and you will loose with any team and nothing you can do about that. I never said it was 100% bulletproof

Are you playing for the journey or the destination?

Of course it’s possible to optimize the fun out of anything. There are plenty of teams that are viable on offense. If they don’t happen to win quickly enough for you, then by all means, persist with your winning combo — but don’t be surprised if you find yourself burnt out before long.


Yes It is! Fun can be had where you find it. Personally If have the time some days I’ll bring my Daily Task team into PvP, lots of fun trying just to survive long enough to win. Is it efficient?.. Absolutely not. Unless you love playing an all Humans team vs Troll/Kracken :unamused:. But I can say its far more satisfying when I win​:+1:


If they have Mab, that’s why.

When I invade with Kraken-Troll, I have trouble fighting:

  1. Psion/Famine
  2. Korvash/Valkyrie/Justice/Mab (aka Justice League)
  3. Humility teams (Virtue of Humility softens Kraken to a net 1 damage per Kraken per match, and can boost Draakulis or Crimson Bat enough to one-shot my team)
  4. Goblin teams
  5. Teams with Mab above an Impervious troop

In those cases I tend to use goblins (anything with Nobend and Fizzbang is viable) or dragons. I should probably get around to assembling a psion/famine team, since I’ve got those two…

Against Famine just do