Why why why? Game bug/game play question


In Arena, it shows I have bonus stats for the cards I chose… but then I play arena and they disapear. You click on a card before entering fight, and they light up showing bonuses, then disapear in fight.

ALSO… Treasure maps get me through when I get a little board and now it takes A LOT of wings to get one :disappointed_relieved: why???




Bonuses aren’t applied in the arena to keep it a level playing field. Cards showing the bonuses seems to be a part of a display issue.

As for Glory rewards, we mentioned in the recent Weekly Event blog: http://gemsofwar.com/chain-reaction/, that we would be increasing the Glory amounts as glory is now easier to earn in game.


If you’re trying to earn more treasure maps, I’d recommend a creating a team adept at cascading.

  • Alchemist
  • Valkyrie
  • Banshee
  • any other troop (Recommended: Hero, Finley, an exploder, a line clearer)

Not necessarily in that order.

Cascades earn you a treasure map each time you make 7+ matches in a row.
Guilds donations can also earn you plenty of treasure maps, though they’ve slowed a considerable amount due to the new kingdom leveling system.

As for the glory cost, it’s increased by +15. While at the same time, you now earn a bonus 100 glory at the end of a week (if Rank 1).
100 divided by 7 days is about 14, which is how much you earn additionally each day. The glitch at the end of the week has also been fixed so you earn your intended 16 glory instead of 2.

Before: 98 glory per week (if Rank 1, day 1)
Now: 212 glory per week (if Rank 1, day 1)
Increase: x2.16

Before: Treasure Map Cost = 25
Now: Treasure Map Cost = 40
Increase: x1.60

Difference?: x0.56 more glory can be spent on maps than previously.

You do earn more now so try not to let the increased cost get to you, you can actually play treasure hunt more than before the 1.0.7 update.


I knew there was some solid math behind that. It just seems worse on a psychological level.


Thank You. Frigen worked… doing challenges with


And within an hr got 4 treasure maps :smile:


The math is quite one-sided, it only works if you PvP to rank 1 on the very first day and spend all glory exclusively on treasure maps. If you happen to buy other rewards too (like weapons and cards, which also seem to have increased in price by about 60%, similar to the maps), those 100 additional glory may actually get you less than before. If the next legendary has a 400 glory instead of a 250 glory price tag on it, you lose big, especially if you want more than one copy.


True, but my post was in response to Sephraina’s concerns on map cost.

Few people actually spend glory on treasure maps, as I believe even the initial poster might find unnecessary now.

Also, the 250 price tag was a one time thing for the Summer Imp because of temporary re-release. It likely won’t happen again until winter for a second chance at the Autumnal Imp.