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Save Treasure Hunt from obscurity (rewards not worth the effort)

No matter how many turns that I can achieve in TH, the rewards are not great compared to PvP or Explore. That is especially the case for glory rewards. I have 518 maps I have not used because the effort to play them is not reflected in the rewards received, especially for glory the rewards. I play 30 turns and get 20+ glory. I play 50 turns and get 4+ glory. Output of glory does not scale with the number of turns. Today I played 114 turns for a whopping total of 23 glory. I have played many 60+ turn games and have only achieved 4 to 10 glory. The Treasure Hunt needs better rewards especially for glory. Please DEVs make Treasure Hunt worth the effort. There are posts about scaling by charging more maps for better rewards. I want to play TH as it is fun but for the effort, TH is not on par with PvP orm Explore.


Everything you’ve said is why I have over 3k maps. Unused. Covered in dust. And they fall on me every time I open the closet. :wink:


What’s a treasure map?



Yeah, I’ve stopped doing them aswell.


OP, I believe that what you object to is the RNG which determines the rewards in Treasure Hunt.

I’m totally with you there.

As for Treasure Hunt rewards not being worthy of the effort, I wholeheartedly disagree.

As an entirely F2P, no Guild, no PvP, no Arena, no Dungeon/Soulforge player, nearly all of my resources are earned via Treasure Hunt. And, after one year and one month of play, my low-level account (Hero Level 37) is supremely healthy, with my current cache of resources consisting of:

  • 1.2 million in Gold
  • 7,000+ Glory
  • 1,900+ Gems
  • 19,000+ Souls
  • 412 Gem Keys
  • 112 Glory Keys

And, this is with all my Magic, HP and Armor kingdoms at 5-Star.

Additionally, I have over 150 fully traited troops, with the traitstones to fully trait quite a few more.

I suppose that you may find Treasure Hunt more rewarding once you consistently multi-vault each map, which will net you a chance at more of that Glory (40 per vault) you’re looking for.

You just need to “vault” more.

Incidentally, I recently uploaded a video showing my current progress in GoW, in case you feel that my claims are nonsense:


Note that the video shows slightly less than the above listed cache of resources. This would be due to me having done fifty or so less Treasure Maps at the time of capture. :grinning:


13mths of play to reach level 37 hero is quite amazing, given the more common play style of explore and PvP reaches level 50 in a few days of play.

Do you use glory earned through treasure hunts to buy more treasure maps from the glory shop?


…but… why?


Yeah, so I’ve reached a point in the game where I collect enough from Tributes (logging in multiple times a day), and earn enough Glory and Gold from Treasure Hunt (multi-vaulting on the regular), where I can just redeem the Glory for more treasure maps, and use Gold to buy Gold Keys for a chance at more (albeit nominal) Glory.

It’s like a loop or cycle of mine… where my resources seemingly stay at the same level, earning Glory and Gold, and then using them to earn more Glory and Gold. I used to farm for the maximum number of maps per battle (Stone Wall Challenge), but now I just “buy” treasure maps to earn enough Glory to cover the cost for each one, and then some. I suppose that that is why my Hero hasn’t gained a level since… last September, maybe?

Of course, when new kingdoms drop (like last week), resources get depleted, and it takes a while to build them back up to a healthy level again, but it’s usually not before long that they’re back to the same level again. :grinning:


The answer to that “why” question is…

'Cause I can. :grinning:

Also, I try to enjoy games with restrictions, sometimes, Gems of War being an example.

It’s kind of a “look at what I did, all by myself” type of satisfaction.

And, really, I just like matching things, and if I’m going to be rewarded for it…


You don’t play gems of war…
You play treasure maps. You’re not playing 90% of the game. But hey if you’re having fun with it then awesome.


Better answer there is. :slight_smile:
You also enjoy the collecting side of the game, right?

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As you stated, I don’t play like 90% of the game…

But, I’ve sure progressed like I have. :grinning:

As mentioned in a previous post, I just like matching stuff. Also, troop collecting. I like that part, too. And, the troop artwork is awesome to look at.

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Troop collection is made far more enjoyable by the stellar artwork.


Does this play style allow you to collect all the troops available? I’m genuinely curious.

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I enjoy the same things as TheDradonSeoul, but I play also PvP just to be able to collect and complete everything. I don’t like PvP at all, especially currently it’s explode-lottery at top level.

But yes, more rewards from treasure hunt please! :slight_smile:

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I have 3,000 maps and tons of minor stones etc, can we get a trade in system going or something here bc it feels like a lot of stuff just collects dust.


Unfortunately, being without guild means no guild seals, which in turn means no opening of Guild Chests for those Guild Guardians.

Guild War specific troops are not obtainable, as well.

But, I do have most, including every Legendary except Sol’Zara, Autumnal Imp and Winter Imp, iirc, and every Epic, with the exception of Shocktopus, I believe.

I only have two of the Mythics, but I do have two of the Mythics.

So, completionist I cannot be with this particular restrictive playstyle.

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Why would anyone want to play the game in this way? I’m all for ‘each to their own’ but this is just, well… WEIRD. Lol.


:musical_note: if it makes you happy … It can’t be that bad … :musical_note:


I know, it’s just that this person is missing out on so much stuff! Still, like you or was it sheryll crow?.. If it makes you happy. Lol

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