Save Treasure Hunt from obscurity (rewards not worth the effort)


I don’t think the argument is “you can’t get stuff playing treasure hunt”. If I grind anything for a year, I’m going to have a ton of resources laying around.

The argument is, “treasure hunt rewards per unit time are paltry compared to other modes”. I do think you have a very good point in that RNG has a lot to do with how treasure map stacks up. I think it’s possible it’s the “best” way to farm glory.

I think some of the frustration also comes from treasure hunt not being a mode you can “progress” at like others. For example, if I feel like I’m losing PvP too much, I can tweak my team and try other troops. If I don’t feel like I’m getting enough treasure hunt turns, all I can do is have people on the forums tell me “be more careful” and “take more time”.

I dunno. I like that treasure hunt’s this weird thing that plays completely differently from everything else. I’d like it if I felt like I got rewards comparable to what I get from playing Explore matches, but then I think the people who are super good at treasure maps would get ridiculous amounts. I play it every now and then, but only average about 60 turns so I don’t think I’m ‘good enough’ to see how the rewards stack up.


Treasure Hunt is a game that is useful if you are level 400 and under. Above that its largely just a waste of time, where those players can gain better resources from other aspects of play. Honestly I’d still say its a waste at 400, but some players are a bit slow to really get going so its a added buffer. If you do a lot then the usefulness of Treasure Hunt would probably expire around level 200-300-ish.

One thing that would help Treasure Hunt be a little more in perspective to other levels is if it used level scaling. This way rewards would be similar to other methods for those levels. Which would make Treasure Hunt still a viable option.

Or at least a way to cash them in etc.

As it stands many high levels just sit on their maps and watch that number grow.

I thought I had a large number sitting on 2,000+ until Graeme mentioned in chat how many he had. and about fell over. lol

Wanted to add for the above discussion on the player only doing Treasure Hunt :

What is the point of traits and leveling troops to collect resources if its never used for the means for which it was intended? Its like having a Ferrari in your garage but never using it or driving it for fear it’ll get a scratch. The fun comes from driving it out and about. Same with GoW you need to take it for a few spins to enjoy everything it has to offer. Otherwise if all you collect is resources from maps and exclude the other aspects, then why not play a gem only type game? This is in no way to be taken negative, just curious.


Yes, I remember one year ago, it was really treasure hunt, and it was another way to farm glory, arcanic stones or gems, and a very pleasant game. Now it is so “nerve” that it looks like the devs wants to remove it. I like this game, but it’s one of the damage of changes !


Change your name to CollectorOfMaps! :grin:


Treasure hunt used to be my go to game for playing while listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Easy enough to play while you are concentrating your attention on something else (I am rather bad at multitasking) and you get rewards for the bigger meta-game so even if what you were listening to ended up being rubbish you still feel that the time was not wasted completely. Pity I don’t have enough time to spend it on GoW anymore.


Why not create your own guild for just you?


I suppose that everything collected and traited is kind of like a “trophy” of sorts. The expressed conditions/imposed limitations are sort of like a “challenge.”

What’s funny is that a year ago, I just felt like playing a puzzler, and I remembered the original Puzzle Quest on the Xbox 360. I searched for similar games, only to find out about this true… uh, “gem.”

Did some more research, found out it had so much more to offer, with the multitude of troops and that awesome artwork… and, I was kinda hooked.

Seeing that it had RPG elements, I wondered if there was a way to grind early on in the game, something I would typically do when playing RPGs.

Delving further, I discovered treasure maps and their usefulness, and I’m pretty much where I’m at now. :grinning:


Yeah, a while back, I contemplated that… creating my own Guild for the Guild Guardians and the various resources that I could acquire with all my gold.

I found the extra limiting measure of no Guild assistance to be appealing, so I continue this way.

Yes, I’m weird (and wired) like that. :grinning:


Wtf am I reading here? We’ve found the one guy to try to validate treasure maps’ worth because he plays the game in what I would kindly label as…unique.
To the other 99% of us, they’re not worth the time or effort.


I rember talking with this guy in Global chat a long time ago (this is when chat actually worked!). Just because one player grinds it out, tens of thousands feel differently. I hope they improve the reward table to encourage more levels of play.

  1. Buff all rewards a bit, and expand them (Diamonds & Orbs).
  2. Buff the Vault rewards substantially.
  3. Allow players to add +1 addition turn for each addition maps used (like the Guild Status gives extra turns). So if player spends 21 maps they get Base, +Guild, +20 Turns.

This might encourage players to burn a few maps and go for the Vault rewards.


The only problem I see with maps is you get pretty much the same rewards from a “bad” game that lasts 30 turns vs. a great game that goes for 100+ turns. Where is the incentive to even TRY to do well?

Vaults should have guaranteed gems and the red chests much higher chance.


Yes, 3 Green chests all giving glory gives three more than a single red! Getting glory from a vault is pathetic too. Red chests shouldn’t have souls in my opinion either. The whole thing needs a total rework.


As a player who play Treasure hunt regularly among other modes, I’m fine with current reward.

Now I only play it when I’m bored of Farming and PvP, more when I lost GW and not get that 100% exp boost. But back when I’m a newbie, I play a lot more, as it was the fastest way to farm glory and the only way to farm gems beside Tribute reward, which new players can’t get much of.

I mean, what is the other way to stockpile Glory and Gem keys? For end game players, they might easy to come by. But for the new player, getting keys from vault, value 120 glory/20 gems, from 10 minute play, is totally worth it.

Like Arena, this is the minigame that player’s level don’t matter much how good the reward will get, but skill/luck/paying attention does. It creates an even playing field for all players. Beside, it’s the only mode that completey single-player and feel so relax to play, without stress that come from multiplayer’s influence.

So don’t bash that playing Treasure Hunt is a waste of time, it’s stil very valuable for many non-endgame player.


I would like to see better rewards based on numbers of maps used.

I.e. 1 map gives current rewards

10 maps give better, however, this is the limit in a single game so the rewards should be 2-3 times better than standard with higher chances for better traitstones.

100 would require a minimum of 10 matches played and so these rewards should be very high with runic or above traitstones only.

Games difficulties could be: simple, rare and complex to show how many maps are needed


Some people want to make value out of everything, they want the 70 gems from the weekly event on Treasure Hunt, but they aren’t keen on paying the price for it which is playing a gamemode with lesser rewards. The same kind of complain arises with “Explore-only Events” every now and then.

The Devs already stated, at least three times, their satisfaction with Treasure Hunting as it is, a gamemode purely casual with minor rewards and i’m not very confident they would change their minds about it.


This is not true. Playing for a year + and only having want you’ve stated isn’t that much. At all.

But as others have said, if you’re enjoying yourself playing the game the way you want to, go for it. You nutty bastard :grin:

On the topic of treasure maps. Instead of upping what we get, how about let me spend 10 maps at a time for 10x the reward. Or even 5x the reward I don’t care.

Arena is already as good as dead. Treasure Hunt is pretty much gone as well at this point. At least save one. Dealer’s choice.


Pure quality!


How have I not progressed?

The cache of resources listed in a previous post is not one year’s worth, it is merely the current cache.

You did take into account that:

  • All of my kingdoms (with the exception of Attack) are at 5-Star
  • Despite a rather restrictive playstyle, I have nearly every troop in the game attainable, with the exception of Guild Guardians, GW specific troops, two Imps, Sol’Zara and most of the Mythics (I do have two tho :grinning:), with many ascended to Mythic (and many on their way), fully leveled (a handful there) and fully traited (150+, including quite a few Epics and Legendaries and one Mythic [Elemaugrim])

For a year+ of playing entirely F2P, with no Guild assistance, no PvP, no Arena, no Dungeon/Soulforge… essentially utilizing Treasure Hunt as my primary means of obtaining resources, I believe that I have progressed rather nicely while maintaining a low level (Hero Level 37).

But, perhaps, you mean in terms of ranking amongst other players, or something along those lines.