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Please do not force us to do Arena/Treasure Maps unless the rewards are buffed

These are huge wastes of time and not fun. If you want me to waste 2 event keys, that’s fine, but please do not force us to play game modes that are outdated and have terrible rewards.


Arena isn’t that bad for rewards. 30 trophies, a handful of glory keys, 4500 souls, and 10,000 gold. (At my vip level) for 8 battles, the souls alone are worth it.

Edit: I should add I use DB, that does make it fairly quick.


Err, I accidentally deleted my post, lol. Sorry. Let me rewrite that…

I don’t fully understand why arena was included in the Campaign. Prior to 4.7, there was a guild seal task that awarded seals on a perfect arena run. They removed it and replaced it with a delve task because:

  • Arena is getting a rework in a future update, so we have removed the Arena Run task in preparation for this.

So they basically discouraged players from playing an old game mode, and now forcing players to play it if they want to complete the Campaign pass?


Here is the roadmap for this game since 4.7

Put down a bunch of foundations, then instead of building houses on them, they put up a 2 person tent and charge you 5x the rate of what the house would have cost.

I know, goofy analogy, but its what they’ve done.


Your enjoyment is not on the radar of those who release any aspect of this game


On the topic of Arena, and a possible rework: the reason why Arena is so terrible to play Is mainly because of the way we have to select from three random common, rare and ultra-rare troops. Quite often there is no synergy whatsoever in the offers. Also, because I have to choose from common before I see rare before I see ultra-rare, I cannot make well informed decisions on what cards to take with each offering.
For example: common offer might include sunsail. Ok, a brown generator might be useful. But wait, none of the rare or ultra-rare I’m offered use brown… that has now made it a whole lot less useful.
If we could at least see all offers at the same time it will be slightly better to put together a team. Or even better, if I could choose from all of my common/rare/UR cards… that would be better.
Because there is rarely any synergy between the troops offered, more often than not (plus lack of banners, and talents, and gem mastery etc) the battles feel slow and sluggish, take forever, are tedious and infuriating and the rewards simply do not feel adequate.


I was thinking maybe because they want to incorporate reworked arena into campaigns. But since campaigns came first, players (for now) have to play the out-dated thing.

I’m hoping that’s what it is, at least, for both Arena and Treasure Maps: that within the next year those tasks won’t feel so burdensome/boring/annoying (depending on the person - I actually don’t mind the Arena task so much, though the treasure maps grate).

Arena will probably cost us 50 gems to play when it gets a rework.


Yes, but we’ll get some gold keys out of it.


My opinion is the opposite of the op. I don’t mind doing an arena run or treasure map once per week but it’s the forced usage of resources like keys etc. that I really hate. I would much rather these resource spending challenges get replaced with anything else I don’t care what it is.


Fiend Fire is faster

I have to try it, I forgot about the burn it has.

I don’t mind the treasure maps task as much as arena, which I find boring to play currently.

As someone that plays treasure maps just for fun, I don’t mind it.

But every time I see that win 8 battles in an arena run (I’d skip it). Arena battles are tediously and EXTREMELY unpleasant to me. I heard it’s better with DB (which I haven’t crafted).


Agree. Arena is years out of date and no fun. Personally, I hate treasure hunts.


arena/treasure maps are okay
but i dislike use xx keys (gem, event, vault) or craft x summoning stone…
i wish these quests will be removed


I was with you up until here!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My preference would be option C – none of the above :stuck_out_tongue:.

Thanks to the campaign tasks, I finally appreciate Arena. It’s a game mode where you have to put in some thought and without a foregone conclusion.

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I didn’t even get to choose my team for the Campaign run. After 5 rounds, 2 of which I lost, I said sc**w it and paid the hundred gems.

And that’s another thing. Gem generation seems to have been nerfed, which is a real problem with all the buyups required if you want to succeed with all the new events and tasks and quests and …

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I see no evidence of this. My typical tribute used to be around a dozen gems. Today, I’m never surprised when I roll a tribute of 20 or more — two 23s already today. And that makes sense, because Kingdom Power is rising, so tributes are, too.

That said, there are more concurrent events in the game now, so if you buy up to a certain tier in everything regardless of whether it’s necessary, then your deficit might grow out of hand…