Some friendly suggestions to improve the game

I have been a long term puzzle quest player and started to play gems of war the 3rd week it came out. And so I would be considered an end gamer. Over the years, we came up with many tricks to allow us to take advantage of the game (nothing illegal, like creating a new guild, spending gold tp buy gems, dismantling the guild, repeat). I have played Guild Wars, bracket 1 since day 1 and don’t know how the other brackets work, but getting top 3 places is one of the ways I have earned many gems. I don’t read the forums much , so there is a possibility I could be repeating other topics.

So, one trick I use is during the week of the new mythic, I burn through all my glory keys and around 100k glory. My intentions are not to get the new troop, but to earn gems, usually between 600 to 1000 gems depending on rng. I usually hit 1 to 5 mythics in the process. Glory keys and gold keys are a great source of gems. Because gold keys are a very effective way to grind gems, treasure maps become obsolete. In the amount of time I do 1 map, I can grind explore 12 for tokens and get lots of gold keys in the process. Because of RNG, I do get 0 to 12 gems per 200 gold keys. In one post, I mentioned patterns, like when a thief class spits out 10 bandits in 1 battle, the same applies to chests. So, sometimes I hit high numbers like 7-12 gems a dozen times in a row, netting me 70 to 100 gems just for using 2000-3000 gold keys. And so because of this, one suggestion which you have heard a million times is to update the rewards for treasure maps.

I need glory keys, so one method was to play arena 3x per day, just to get the offers. Arena is too easy for experienced players, who know which troops are good ( and there are hundreds out there). I was getting imperial deed offers more often and had about 80 until a few days ago, when I build a kingdom from 16 to 20 and 3 other kingdoms from 16 to 19 and 2 to from 16 to 17 (all kingdoms are at 16 for me)
However, now that we are getting kingdoms to power 26+, if I don’t have that kingdom to level 18 using deeds, I start to get useless event key offer. Furthermore, if a kingdom is at level 18 and I don’t have the requirements for 4 pets maxed to level 20 or 14 weapons maxed, I get the useless ingot offers or pet food offers. Due to this, I was getting 1 or 2 event key offers per day from doing arena, so I had to stop playing arena. Furthermore, since I am getting useless offers, my gem counts started to grow from 10k to over 20k now, since I don’t have anything useful to spend gems on (dragonite and now the new epic trials will help fix that problem).

I still need glory keys, so playing pvp to tier 1 is helpful. I always fight the players to the far left, because they are easy 10 sec victories for 50 points vs the players on the right, which can take 1-2 minutes for 66 points. After I hit tier 1, I do 5-10 more battles, just so I can be top 1000 for a few extra gems. However, if the rewards were updated on pvp, you would have players fight for them as well. Otherwise, on Monday, after I do about 31 pvp battles, I am done for the week. PVP def wins don’t give good rewards either, sio I am debating if I just create an easy to beat defence.

There are 3 suggestions I would love to see. Instead of seeing a purple bar for experience points, I would love to know how many more points I need to level up. This does act as a motivator to play for a little extra time, knowing I will be leveling up soon.

I would like to see the same thing with gem mastery. I thought 65% was max until I got 1 at 66%. Now that acts as motivation for me to level up the other colors to hit 66%.

The third suggestions might be difficult to do. It involves medals. Instead of having a universal slot for both offense and defense, would it be possible to add those slots to team slots? We would need a total of 8 slots. 6 would be for guild wars defences, 1 for pvp defence, and 1 for offence. Perhaps, it might be easier (and more annoying for players) to have 24 slots available, which means we would need to grind and save 24 medals.

As far as premium content goes, like doom weapons, dragonite, and power orbs, I wouldn’t change those. They are fine as it is. I open up 5 dragon gems at a time, so I try to save 2500 dragonite. I finally got the 6th dragon a few days ago. Now, I just need to build 2 more weapons and then the last dragon. I been tracking my dungeon daily and saw some patterns and increased to getting a perfect run once or twice a week. Every perfect run, I would spend 300 gems and buy more dragonite, netting me 180 dragonite on that day. I suggest to players there is no hurry to getting these troops or maxing out every single doom weapon. There are like 500 weapons and 1260 troops out there, so getting all of them isn’t as beneficial. The same might go with pets from legends reborn and epic trials. Once you have 4 pets maxed out at 20, you don’t need to worry about the rest. I spend 1000 gems yesterday upgrading starry foxite to 20, which was my 4th pet for Vulpacea. It gives a kingdom bonus for +6 magic and life, which isn’t worth it, since I rarely use 4 troops from the same kingdom.

So, for the next 40 days, I got 20k gems to dump into dragonite and for the new epic trial pets. Thank you for introducing the new orbs. They help save lots of gems. When a new doom weapon is released, I can buy to tier 6, beat the first 25 floors, and have enough scrolls to level 9. Then I can use a minor orb of forging to max it. That saves me 1500 gems from having to buy tier 7, 3 times. Today, a new pet was released with fire mastery. I only got 1. I used a major orb of minion to max it, which knocked my fire master up to 66% and it saved me 2500 or so gems. And I love the lesser orb of glory. My goal is to get every single mythic to bronze.

As far as gold elite goes, Vulpacea has 16 gold elite troops and all other kingdoms are between 18 to 22 gold elite. I don’t need to farm explore 12 anymore, because every World event, I buy tier 3 and when it is maxed, I almost get 2 season medals. So, every 3 to 4 weeks, I can upgrade a troop to gold elite for free. Any new bounty troop or new Ultra rare troop released becomes the 19th gold elite troop for that kingdom. Thank you for creating a merchant and angel. The other 2, genie and daemon are a waste of time, and so I skip them before they give me an offer. There are a dozen good farming teams for explore 12, that should average 24 seconds per battle. So genie and daemon just get in the way of farming. Because of the other 2, a few days a week, I farm one run (which is 4 boss chests). If it wasn’t for the merchant or angel, I would have completely stopped farming explore.

Unfortunately for me, I work on weekends and so when there is a vault event, my goal is to make 100 vk’s using 3 gnomapalooza, one per day of the event. I hoard those keys until I need lots of orbs and gems. Thank you for creating such an event. It is very helpful and I wouldn’t suggest making any changes.

And la