Why is this allowed

Why are the devs allowing players to copy other players names. Please implement a feature to stop this. There should not be 2 or 3 players with the same name. If a player has a problem with abc12345 then changes name to abc12345 and goes to global and starts crap and screenshots the messge then changes name back and files complaint for whatever reason then you will be banning a innocent person. Please get with the program thxs.

This does seem like the kind of thing that should be prevented by name-change code.

And it sounds like you are in possession of more information than you put in this post. Send a PM to @Kafka, @Cyrup, or @Saltypatra with screenshots (if you have them) and a longer explanation. They’ll be able to tell you more (more than I can, for sure).

Is there no way to add the invite code on people’s profiles?
Name change is so easy nowadays and trouble makers (guild hoppers, trolls etc) constantly change their names to avoid detection it would be a convenient way to figure them out.

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I requested this before the option to change names became available. I never got an official response as to why they won’t do it.

It sounds like 4.3 will allow people to receive bad player scores… almost like a dishonor. So essentially that wil be more important to me than a name in regards to potential new members. I just hope it shows how many individual people voted on that player. If it’s just one person trolling hard on a player and down voting them. I’d like to be able to tell the difference between that and a known troll.
In other words… There’s a big difference between someone with 1 ex who hates them, compared to 50 ex’s who hate them.


4.3 will fix this slightly, but not completely.

I believe they don’t do the unique name thing due to eventual cross platform. Even if they implemented the unique name thing, pretty sure there is a profile called something like “Nick” on every single unique platform, which would cause problems if they did the unique name thing then tried expanding cross platform.

Not sure if invite codes are unique across platforms, but displaying that easily and visibly would fix some of the issue.


If any scumbag actually did this the falsely accused would claim innocence and the devs would hopefully (one would think) be able to see what actually happened and ban for life the false accuser.

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I especially love how at least one player tries to get into our (and other) guilds every Monday, each time under a different name, just to grab the Monday loot and disappear again. There should be a way to know ahead you are just about to waste yet another half an hour on recruiting and guild introduction, seeing a familiar invite code within the profile would help a lot.

Shhh. This is how I hide my alt where I know a 10x PvP points exploit and make the PvP leaderboard every week. You only think it’s a different player each time.

All Im saying is technically every gem player can have the same name. Im seeing it more and more. What if players changed their name to a devs name ? Then what ? Is that OK?.

Here’s my speculation:

GoW doesn’t write it, but a big chunk of the rules and punishments follow the only two rules any community needs:

Don’t be a jerk. Don’t make me define ‘jerk’.

I’d be willing to guarantee if you try to change your name to ‘Kafka’, then be rude to people, you’re going to get a really hard ban. Impersonating devs is no joke, and even if doing it ‘for fun’ you’re just letting dumber people know it can be used to ill effect.

I’d be willing to be doing something like impersonating a well-respected community member and attempting to use that to make them look bad would also be met with a pretty hard ban, though it’d take a lot more time to unravel.

It’s not OK. But it’s not happening at a scale that gives us examples of how it’s handled. That’s probably because not a lot of people have figured out you can name yourself whatever you want, or in some cases nothing at all.

There’s actually a rule against impersonating a dev. :face_with_monocle:

I remember the “Not Sirrian” fiasco (on pc / mobile) :joy:


@en9nhcet :laughing:

So they ban if a player would change to devs name but dont give a sh… 2 cents if you become me. Lol. I dont wanna be copied. My name is mine .Find your own

Guild managers can refuse to invite without player invite codes. (I do most of the time)

They don’t ban. They just change their name for them.


I understand your concern but bans aren’t given based on the display name. Devs can read the chat logs and see your invite code (invite codes are unique).

For you as players and GMs, 4.3 will make it harder to impersonate someone because we have more customisations in chat (portraits, portrait borders, titles) which need to be unlocked through game play, also each account will have an honor rank - you can’t fake your honor rank, and lastly there is a report player button which flags the account for the devs (ie. the invite code, not the display name).

Hopefully these improvements will help.

I’ll also pass your feedback on about wanting display names to be unique as well.


I hope the game won’t become “ChatsOfWar”.


Most higher level guilds do. In some cases it still wastes a lot of time, especially if the player wanting to get invited knows that the invitation wouldn’t be coming if that players identity were known.